Zambia: Tour and Education of International Itinerant Workers

by Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU Zambia

The Families in Zambia were showered with love and blessings of True Mother through her representatives, the CIG Special Itinerary workers Rev. Cho Manwoong and Rev. Kim Myeongdae who toured Zambia from the evening of 29th July to 2nd August 2018.

They had a fruitful meeting with different providential departmental leaders and church elders on 30th July, 2018 at Peace Embassy in Lusaka. Around 30 leaders attended this meeting. The purpose of meeting was for the itinerants to listen to reports of activities for last year, the goals for this year and the strategies Zambia put in place for the fulfillment of vision 2020. The National Leader Rev. David Isaac Phiri presented the reports and the plan of activities for national restoration followed by UPF, YSP and Blessed Family Department. At the end, True Mothers representatives were impressed with progress made in Zambia and urged leaders to be united with the national leader to bring victory for vision 2020. They also conveyed the warmest greetings and love from our beloved True Mother to the leaders.

More than 110 Members and leaders from capital city Lusaka and provinces gathered at the main Church hall at FFWPU training center, in Barlastone from 31st July to 1st August 2018 for a two 2-day workshop. During the inspirational revival workshop which was full of joy enthusiasm and high spirit through songs and dance, the two itinerants poured their hearts through the message of hope from True Mother through Korean-English-Korean interpretation by Brother Simon Sondoyi. They shared their hearts and their experiences of True Parents touching and amazing life course. The topics on how to establish national restoration through youths, Tribal Messiahship “World mission Peace Strategy for the firm of Establishment of Cheon Il Guk”. He encouraged blessed families who are in the process and who accomplished the Heavenly Tribal Messiah ship to continue their determination and to nurture their tribes. They further encouraged us to invest in the future leaders, to witness to the top leaders to meet True Mother in this coming Africa Summit in South Africa.

On the last day of workshop, the itinerants through the topics “Cheon Il Guk Age, Hoondokhae and Hoondok Family Worship” taught, the importance of Hoon Dok Hae, Sunday service attendance, Tithing and life of faith. They encouraged members to practice for a minimum period of 7 months to harvest the result.

During the workshop the two itinerants offered profound prayers for Zambian members and Zambia at large and we can feel hope that the blessing is around the corner. They also gave some tips on how to get President Lungu to attend the Africa Summit in South Africa later this year.

Throughout the workshop, the atmosphere was spiritually high with colorful local praise songs with dances as the way to welcome True mother’s representatives in Zambia.

During their tour, the itinerants had several meetings with different heads of organization IAPD Chairman Bishop David Masupa and Executive Director of Independent Church of Zambia with a thousand affiliated churches under him, Bishop United Church of Zambia (UCZ) as second largest church in Zambia with millions of members at Peace Embassy. They had a fruitful sharing meeting with the Chairman for International Chiefs Association for Peace and Prosperity (ICAPP), Chiefs Ntambu and his vice Chief Chibale as well as UPF Chairman, former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Gen. Malimba Nathaniel Masheke at the FFWPU training Center. During the meeting, Chief Ntambu promised to the itinerants their support to invite Mother Moon, True Mother. Chief Ntambu was one of delegation who went to Hawaii for coffee conference and ILC in Korea. They had also a meeting with Hon. Maxas Joel Bweupe Ng’onga, IAPP vice Chairman. They also visited Archbishop Milingo and his Wife Maria Sung at FFWPU resident HQs.

Three cheers of eog mansei conducted by the National leaders, Rev. David Isaac Phiri, followed by a special cake cutting and special gift to the representatives from Mothers of Zambia.  They expressed their deepest appreciation and promised to convey their hearfelt reports and greetings from members in Zambia to True Mother.

Members felt energized, inspired and motivated as they have received a lot of love from our Beloved True Mother, the only Begotten Daughter. Finally, members resolved and promised to take upon the responsibility to offer Zambia to Heavenly Parent and True Parents as one of the nations as Cheon Il Guk nation and fulfill the Vision 2020.

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