USA: Women in Ministry Conclude a 5-City Tour

“Women in Ministry in LA” short video 2018-8-18

Prepared by WFWP USA

On Saturday, August 18, the American Clergy Leadership Conference’s (ACLC) “Women In Ministry” (WIM) concluded a 5-City Tour in Los Angeles with a rousing spirit-filled conference. Rev. Young Tack Yang, Family Federation USA District 12 Director, warmly welcomed those in attendance to the Los Angeles Family Church and set the tone for the day with a message stressing the importance of women in Heavenly Parent’s providence. Serving as moderator, Dr. Eva Benson, First Lady of Summit Evangelical Church of Pasadena, CA and a professional Nurse Practitioner, kept everyone engaged as the program progressed.

Visiting from Las Vegas, Rev. First Lady Faye McDonnell from The Wealthy Place Ministries/Church of God in Christ gracefully delivered a profound True Family Values presentation on God’s original plan for the family as a foundation for God’s Kingdom on Earth. Dr. Glovinia Williams, Founder and CEO of Collegiate Training Institute in Virginia lent keen insight into the breakdown of God’s original plan for the family in a True Family Values presentation on “What Went Wrong.”

WIM National Co-Chairs Minister Reiko Jenkins and Rev. Marilyn Kotulek brought everyone together in a spirit of unity as Mark and Susan Munsell conducted a Holy Juice Ceremony and Bishop J.L. Briggs and First Lady Peggy Briggs offered the prayer.

Rev. Evon McMurry, Founder of Word Empowerment to Serve Ministries, Inc., spoke on the theme for the WIM 5-City Tour “Women: God’s Herald of Good News for the Family, the Community, the Nation and the World” with a powerful message for all women. Through a living relationship with our Heavenly Parent, we have the strength to bring healing to ourselves, our families and the world

In conclusion, Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) representative Takayo Hiraki inspired everyone with a report on youth activities in the Los Angeles area. The young people involved in CARP possess a heart to bring God back onto our American college campuses. Takayo also reported that the young people are visiting churches in Los Angeles, reaching out to more and more clergy and hosting a “Pastor’s Vision Night” to strengthen interfaith dialogue. They believe deep in their hearts the theme “Revival Starts With Me” and will move forward on that foundation to unite and bring salvation to this world.

Following this, Rev. Kotulek asked everyone to join in a circle and with a heartfelt prayer, proclaimed “Victory” and God’s everlasting kingdom on this earth!


What moved me about this conference is how, as women, we are opening our eyes to recognize that God needs us to come forward to fulfill God’s will. Often older women have experienced so much in their lives and they can help free young women from depression; show them how to take it home to Jesus and let God bring them back to reality! It is important to have a true understanding of what “being fruitful” means. It’s time for women to come together and help each other grasp the actual meaning of life; to get on the move and put family back together!”—Minister Sunshine /Felicia Houghton

This year’s Women in Ministry Conference in Los Angeles was phenomenal. Reverend First Lady Faye McDonnell brought forth a clear and concise illustration of God’s Original Ideal for Mankind. Dr. Glovinia Williams prepared us to receive the new wine as she expounded on “What Went Wrong.” It was a power packed anointed demonstration and the message was well received. The keynote speaker Pastor Evon McMurry was on fire and delivered a revelatory word. When the word of God is your foundation the Holy Spirit ignites the Divine Principle and makes each presentation come alive!”—Apostle Dr. Cassandra Buchanan

I truly enjoyed myself at the ACLC Women In Ministry Conference. The opening greeting from Pastor Yang was very welcoming and the speakers who came and shared with us the Divine Principle of God were awesome; they spoke with wisdom and power. There is nothing that can compare to a conviction of God’s truth spoken from the heart; this is what I felt with these Women of God. I appreciate everything that took place at the conference from the beautiful ladies greeting us at the sign-in table to the wonderful lunch that was prepared and the Word of God being spoken by the women in one accord! It was truly a blessing to be among Women of God that have one purpose in mind and that is to “Rebuild the Family, Restore the Community, Renew the Nation and the World.” Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a great movement of God.  May God continue to bless us and provide us the strength to do even more!”—Pastor Magdalene Millsap

Through being at this women’s conference, I could experience more of the feminine side of God’s nature. It was moving to witness the speaker’s and the audience’s love for our Heavenly Parent. The speakers were all eloquent in conveying their message and the subsequent discussions were well organized. Each person in our group felt comfortable sharing their heart!”—Ms. Carol Takhar

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