UK: Memorial Day

Holy Oak Memorial Woodland in Stanton Fitzwarren, UK, August 5, 2018

By Francoise Murphy, FFWPU UK

Celebrating the lives of our brothers and sisters who went to the spirit world We had a wonderful and uplifting gathering on Sunday 5th August celebrating the lives of our dear brothers and sisters who went to the spirit world. It was a glorious and sunny day and we all sat in the cool shady part of the Holy Oak Memorial Woodland in Stanton Fitzwarren listening to the message of the day.

Over 60 brothers and sisters from all over the country came to attend the annual Memorial service. Bernard Chellew led us in various songs with his guitar accompanied by Matthew on his violin. Bernard then introduced Franklin Fortune who gave the main talk, a profound message which resonated in the hearts of all those present. Françoise Murphy spoke about the Seonghwa Ministry UK, an initiative started last year by Toyoko Davis, Anne Kobayashi and herself.

The Ministry consists of offering emotional, spiritual and practical support to our brothers and sisters who lost loved ones and to those who will experience bereavement in the future. Patrick Clarke and Alec Herzer shared their heartfelt testimonies and reflections upon losing their beloved spouse. The rest of the afternoon was spent talking to each other and sharing a delicious barbeque lunch prepared by Keiko de Giles, Kayoko Johnson and her team. Many thanks to all who came and made this Memorial Day a most beautiful and moving experience for all of us.

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  1. So nice we should do this in every country, we should ask for a special day internationally where our members remember our wonderful brothers and sisters who went to spiritual world!!
    Bravo UK!

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