Togo: Inauguration of YSP

Prepared by UPF Togo

On Saturday, July 28, 2018, the official launch of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) took place in Lomé, Togo. The theme for the event was “Role of youth and students in creating a sustainable culture of peace” and we had 153 participants included: 1 Representative of the Minister of Youth, 6 Deputies of the National Assembly, 6 Religious Leaders, 1 Chiefs Representing the Council of Customary Chiefs of the Gulf Prefecture, 10 Presidents of different youth associations.

This was possible because there had been meetings with several leaders of youth associations and especially with the NYC (National Youth Council) It is a great association created by the Togolese State gathering several thousands of young people all over the country. We are in process to sign a mutual partnership agreement with her.

The event began around 3 pm with prayer followed by the national anthem. The Secretary General of UPF Togo, in his welcome to thank all the delegations. There was a representative of the Minister of Youth, deputies to the National Assembly, religious leaders, and presidents of youth associations of certain churches. Among other things, the FPU SG recalled the Dakar summit and what it means for a new Africa. He emphasized the role that youth and students must do for peace. Then there was a video session showing the initiative, the launch and the activities of YSP in the world.

Following this, the representative of the Minister of Youth took the occasion to thank the founder for her initiative and her efforts for world peace. He totally resumed the inaugural speech of the launch of YSP International sent to the Minister as a text proposal for his speech. He emphasized the four areas of love and more specifically the filial love and fraternal love that concern especially young people.

The program continued with the presentation of the nomination certificates of the President and Secretary of YSP Togo after an artistic dance session of two young people much appreciated by the audience.

Four religious leaders were nominated Ambassadors for Peace at the same time. The launch resolution of YSP was read and signed on both the banner and the individual card.

The president of YSP-Benin and sub-regional president of the YSP-West Africa, come to support also congratulated and encouraged everyone for this noble work that we must accomplish together.

The ceremony ended around 5:45 pm with an overall photo and cocktail.

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