Russia: Establishing a Holy Ground in Irbit Town


Russia, Ural region, August 11, 2018

By Andrey Burashnov, FFWPU Russia

A year ago, when I started to tour the cities of the Ural region, Irbit became the first town I went to. Two good Blessed Central Families live there, also this is hometown of the first leader of WFWP Ekaterinburg – Natalia Petrovna Edunova. She invests a lot in her nephews and nieces, who grew up in an orphanage. Ivan Melnik, who was a foreman at Baikal, is one of them.

Two local families said that they did not know how to witness to people and that the Holy Ground was not needed yet, because it was a responsibility. When Ivan Melnik listened to lectures and lived in CARP, he received a revelation that it was necessary to establish the Holy Ground in Irbit. He found a good place and invited me. I told my brothers and sisters that I was going to Irbit, to open the Holy Ground and two more families went there. One family took her husband’s mother with her – to show the fair, which is held once a year. At the fair, the masters represent what they made by their own hands, conduct master classes in the manufacture of toys, furniture, clothing, boots, coins, etc. The fair is held in memory of the great Irbit Fair.

Irbit was a town in which tsarist Russia determined the price of tea. In addition to the great Silk Road, there was also a tea way, and tea from China first came to Irbit. Merchants from Yekaterinburg and Tyumen gathered there and bought tea and other goods. By the way, one of the reasons why Irbit was chosen as a place for the fair was its equidistance from Yekaterinburg and Tyumen, as the merchants did not want to go to the city of competitors, but here the option is convenient for everyone. The fair lasted for a month or more. Local residents quickly realized that at the fair you can make good money, providing housing, food, places for trade, etc. As a result, the whole historical center of Irbit is still built up with beautiful merchant houses. If you restore them, you will get a good tourist place.

We arrived at the base of the Holy ground and saw next to it a lot of people and a big stage where the musicians tuned their instruments.  As it turned out – part of the fair and the holiday was very close to our place. There was a feeling that the ancestors had brought people  to attend that important event and a real feast – here it is, the consecration of the earth.

The brother who found the place could not come and sent a photo of the tree. Local Blessed families found a similar one – away from the stage and people, but this tree was thin and unattractive. We found the right place with a more powerful and beautiful tree and started the Holy Ground sanctification ceremony. Before I arrived, I asked how many would come, they told me 4, but needed from 5 to 17. As a result, together with the arrived and invited people and children, 17 people turned out. Our brothers and sisters stood at the main positions, at the farthest point, mainly those witnessed by Natalya Petrovna.

While the territory was sanctified with holy salt, musicians played, people rustled when prayer began – everyone was silent and only the wind could be heard. Then we shouted “Mansi” three times and told the guests that they can come here to pray and ask questions to God and left the Holy Ground.

Local brothers and sisters said that now they will have to witness, because the whole process was observed by their good friends from school, kindergarten and from work. They certainly know that our families are “unusual”, but so far it was not so clearly manifested.

After we went to the fair and to see the town. There was a feeling that everyone wanted to treat us to something, invite and thank us. For example, food sellers usually don’t offered to try food for free, but we – tasted all sorts of goodies.

When we came to the Orthodox temple, we saw that according to the schedule, it was already closed. We decided to take a picture next to the building. We took pictures and were to leave, as the door opened and a sister said: “Come in, we are waiting for you!” We had a good talk, she told the history of the church, about how much money it takes to restore and about miraculous icons. At the end of the conversation it turned out that she accepted us for a commission from a neighboring diocese, although we did not look like – all in sports clothes, except for one person, sister in trousers.

We went home and decided to go to the school, in which our sister was a pioneer leader. Immediately, a little girl ran out and invited us to a free excursion into the history of the gymnasium, which is closely intertwined with the history of the city. At the end of the tour, we were given a herbal tea with biscuits.

Ancestors wanted to show joy and gratitude. Now the main thing is to seize the opportunities for the development of the Tribal Messiahship.

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