Russia: Ending of Kola Peninsula Ecological and Educational Program

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

Our program this time conducted from July 8 to August 4, 2018. We had good experience; everybody shared deep testimonies and inspirations with God. Everybody had strong determination to practice it in daily life, so they a little bit worry how they can keep high standard after program.

In Kola we had a special program with many guests. More than 300 guests reserved. We have built good a relationship with administration, became friends. We also did painting and cleaning during the project.

But it was not just external, but internal work. Every day we had morning HDH, sport, cooking, arts, hiking…so it was great opportunity to work on ourselves.

Finally, August 2nd, we came back to Saint Petersburg; we had great time on riverside, Neva voyage. Everybody was united and felt like a family!

During closing ceremony, we gave a certificate of finishing 1 year of education to Japanese sister Rion. She is going back to Japan soon.

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