Russia: Blessing Ceremony for Peace

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On July 15, 2018, the Peace Embassy in Moscow hosted a Blessing ceremony for peace. About 200 people took part in the program. Most of them were Kalmyks, and there were the Buryats and members of the FFWP of Moscow.

Twelve couples have received the marriage Blessing. One couple was from India. Most of the participants were invited by the Buddhist lama Sanal Sanjeev and his wife Saglara (they also received the marriage Blessing from the True Parents on May 20, 2018, and now they are at the 40-day separation period before the 3-day Ceremony). Sanal and Saglara acted as the “John the Baptist” figures. Kalmyks and Buryats profess Buddhism, so the guests were invited to participate in the Buddhist prayer service, the rite of acquiring a family well-being.

The program consisted of three parts:

  1. Educational part. Ivan Chelovekov from FFWP spoke, he revealed the importance of family and lineage, and also testified about the mission of the True Parents and the importance of the movement of marriage Blessing for creating true families.
  2. Lama Sanal spoke about understanding of God in Buddhism, about the importance of chastity before marriage and fidelity in marriage.
  3. Buddhist prayer rite of acquiring family happiness. All participants could immerse in the deep tradition of Buddhist prayers, purification and meditation.
  4. Marriage Blessing Ceremony. The Holy Wine ceremony, the Holy Water ceremony, the recitation of the Fidelity Pledge, Indemnity Stick ceremony over the mistakes of the past, and the proclamation of the Blessing were held.


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