Romania: 15 Day Divine Principle Workshop


By Bong-moon Jeong, FFWPU Romania

We concluded 15 Days Divine Principle Workshop successfully from June 14 – 30, 2018! The 15 days DP WS hade protected and guided by Heavenly Parent and True Parents. So, we could conclude all our program with such a grace and full of hope and determination for our future!

The workshop program started with opening ceremony. Mr. Jeong gave us speech to put all our effort to experience God’s Heart through studying Divine Principle. We organized team in three, ShimJeong, ChamSaRang and ChamSengMyung.

Daily schedule started with morning excises at 6 am full of positive energy to wake up our self. Then we read morning HDH with True Parents` Words by team and shared the inspirations. And Mr.Jeong gave a guidance as conclusion for application of faith life.

The morning Divine Principle lectures started at 9 am. And we had 3 lectures in the morning, and in the afternoon, we had one lecture. We had organized pair in order to teach each other for 10 minutes based on each person`s understanding lecture after lecturer`s lecture. It was difficult to teach for the other in the beginning, However the participants could understand more and explain lecture better for their pair. Just listening the lecture doesn’t remain in our heart so much, but when you need to explain to someone what you understood, you should listen more seriously, and all the contents remain with you. The Divine Principle lectures were so precious, and it gave the awakening of life for all of us!

We had organized ‘Action Task’. Every day after lunch. It was different tasks according by the lecture contents. For example, when we studied God’s creation, Action Task was ‘to find each object partner and take a photos’. The workshop environment surrounding by full nature in the mountain. we could see all the beautiful God’s given nature and animals and creatures. There is action task, ‘video letter for God’, Action for True Love, Sunghwa Ceremony, blinding walking. Some of the Action Tasks gave us to reflect a lot about our life deeply, some of Action Tasks let us experience the power of unity and harmony in team.

During the workshop period, we had one very special moment. Our continental director Mr. Michael Balcomb and Mrs. Fumiko Balcomb, visited our workshop! We could listen the very special testimony from them about True Parents. We were all inspired by their testimony. Even

though we don’t have so much chance to meet True Parents directly, but through this precious story we could feel such a love and heart of True Parents!

Our workshop was separated by 3 stages, formation stage, grow stage and completion stage. The formation stage was the first part of the Divine Principle. And after wards we had one day of ‘Unity and Harmony Day’. And the growth stage was the second part of the Divine Principle. And the completion stage was the lecture about ‘Life of Faith’. And almost in the end we climbed mountain!

In the ‘Unity and Harmony Day’, we made a lot of team work games. After each game we burst the balloons which had memo about material for food or sweets. It was such joy and fun to brust balloons and see the gift. It was such a beautiful and joyful day for all of us.

We could create more Unity and Harmony through this day.

Originally, we wanted to climb mountain after the growth stage. But this year rained a lot, so we went to the mountain top in the end of workshop. Of cause, it was challenging to go until the top of the mountain. But we all supported each other and protected by Heavenly Parents, we could succeed. We all could enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountain and we could feel the amazing creation of Heavenly Parent.

After having the practical guidance from lecture about ‘Life of Faith’ we concluded our schedule with family evening and prayer night! We sung, and we danced to feel the joy and happiness of our new life In the family evening and we had prayer night with holy candles in the end of day. We wrote a letter about the things which we want to arrange in our life. Then we burn this letter in order to determine ourselves to start our new life with our new selves in the prayer event.

The Romania 15 day summer Divine Principle Workshop had finished with closing ceremony by Mr Jeong, It was wonderful time to study DP and experience God`s true Love with brother and sister. We could find new determination to start the life of faith as owner who can offer hope for God and true parents.

We cannot express all our heart of gratitude for Heavenly Parent and True Parents by our words, but we will show our self through more sincere action of faith life center on His Will and Purpose.

Thank you so much. Reflections Alessandra Radulescu (Romanian 19 years old)

In this workshop, I felt time passed so quickly because I could learn a lot of things and I felt so much happiness through this new life style. I could learn deeply about the importance of HDH and God’s Principle. I was in the big family even though all of us were from different country, I was feeling so safe like in my family. I learn how to be more open minded and what is True Love. I really want to live my life like this when I go back home. I want to put in action all what I learn in here.


Laurentiu Marin (Romanian 28 years old): In the beginning my strongest motivation was to learn how to live for the sake of others. Now at the end of workshop I can say that I did good job. Because I did all my best in order to fulfill my goal. Lately I was struggling a lot with my faith and believe in God. I couldn’t feel God so much even through intellectually many things were clear. In the beginning I felt I don’t know if I want to connect with God again, but after I study about ‘Why God didn’t intervene in the Human Fall’ and sharing with brothers and sisters it changed. Usually this lecture was making my angry because I believe if it was my parents they would die for me. But why God didn’t do anything…But after I understood clearly about the reason my resentment was gone and I accepted this idea. I felt it was turning point for me in this workshop. Also, in this workshop I tried to learn to be grateful. Because sometimes I feel I need to be more grateful for everything, but I feel that at this moment I am incapable of being so. I really liked lectures. I could receive a lot of inspiration from them.

David Dumitru (Romanian 23 years old): This workshop was simply put, Amazing. Before coming, I wanted to do things for the sake of others, but everyone took their responsibilities extremely serious and they did this so joyfully and naturally and made me think that the Kingdome of Heaven must be like this. Lectures were really good, because in the end of each lecture we had Question for awakening, lessons to only in our own life and we gave each lecture to one another, so it was especially impressive to forget the lectures contents. I am very grateful that Mr.Mike visited us, because I never met True Parents in person and he explained how profound his experiences with them was and the difference between True Father and True Mother. Also I was inspired when Mr.Jeong said ‘The Kingdome of Heaven resides within you, but so does Hell and it depends on you what you are going to build.’ This workshop inspired me to focus only on my responsibilities, put constant effort in my life of faith, and become the True owner and master of my life.

Thank you God for giving value to my life and existence, Thank you True Parents for the Principle and changing and developing my character, Thank you Mr. Mike for sharing your heart and precious experiences with us, Thank you Mr.Jeong for giving me your parental heart and constant effort in Romania, Thank you brothers and sisters for building a small piece of Heaven in the precious 15 Days. Thank you.

Ari Jeong (2nd gen 18 years old): My goal for this workshop was to understand better myself, decide my future and find God in my life. This time I could feel better and I could feel I became more matured. I felt I wasn’t affect by others bad actions and attitude. I could focus on myself. This time I could find my motivation on find a desire to live my life closer to God. What I realized is that I got to be less materialistic than I was before.

This workshop was great chance to reflect and think about myself, in a sincerer way. Through this workshop I felt I lived quite a meaningless life with few great events. I realized I don’t have so much to talk about my life. So I want to go from my comfort zone and start doing new things to make more days from my life valuable. I believe the time will come for me to find my motivation and purpose of my life.

Arim Jeong (2nd gen 16 years old): I really wanted to attend this workshop event I attended 2 times already. Every time when I come to this workshop I’m finding and living a meaningful life and my life has value. In this workshop I could understand more about Divine Principle lectures. I hope I can realize more things in the future. I liked my team, I think this year I was more capable to help my team and team leader. This Cain and Able relationship in team I realized I am not good Cain and I have to change a lot. I will try to meditate more about this, so I can organize my thoughts. After this workshop I could see my changes and became more matured person.

Aram Jeong (2nd gen 14 years old): I felt good in this workshop. I think this workshop I really thought more about how I am and about God in whole history and how I have this motivation to make God happy and get closer to him. Even sometimes was hard and couldn’t understand lectures but I try to think positively like ‘I can do it! Just try to do my best.’ I made really beautiful memories and I know next year will be easier and I will understand better.

Lee Su Yeong (Korean 2nd gen 22 years old): Already 15days passed, time passing so fast… In the beginning it was hard to do morning exercise at 6am, HDH and whole schedule.  But one moment I realized it became my habit and it was much easier. Honestly, I didn’t have clear faith before I join this summer SES program. I believed but it was not my faith, but my parent’s faith. After entering the university, I just went to our church once in the two months. Because of this I never understood my parent’s absolute faith and believe. I never focused on Divine Principle lectures because I was not curious at all. But this time when we had discussion about Divine Principle I couldn’t say anything because I don’t know, but at same time it gave me a strong desire to study Divine Principle. Afterwards I started to listen lectures very well and I could realize so many things. I understood importance of life of attendance, I remembered a lot of love from my parents. I liked Principle of Creation a lot. Specially I could reflect about my future dream. I want to become teacher in the future. But it is not for the children but mostly because of my selfish desires. So, I felt how important is to have a motivation and purpose centered on God.

Whatever I do, motivation should be centered on God and for others joy and happiness. Of course, somethings are not so easy. For example, when the ideal and reality get together, we need to fight go through with our absolute faith. But still difficult for me. I will study more when I go back to Korea. 15days are very short time but I could learn much more than 3 years in the University. I really want to say thank you for the people who made it possible and Thank you so much for this precious experience.

Jeong KyoJin (Korean 2nd gen 20 years old): When I compare with this workshop and my life until now, It was much more thing to learn and feel in this workshop. I listened first time whole Divine Principle lectures and about Life of Faith. As much I understand the lectures I started to think back my life before. And I felt so ashamed. How much I was living with ignorance…. As much I go deeper I realized also about my motivation. The motivation of my life was sacrifice and volunteer. But I realized when I do this I was also complaining about many things. So, I think my motivation was not that pure it should be. Also, because I could spend with my brothers and sisters I didn’t feel depressed or difficult event when I found out what was missing in my life and so on. Because I know all of us who came here are the same, we are the people who are searching better way to change ourselves. I will put my effort in order to have good attitude and to not be arrogant. Thank you very much for everyone who made beautiful memories with me.

Jang Woo Jin (Korean 2nd gen 21-year-old): Honestly in the beginning I didn’t expect so much in this Divine Principle workshop. Because I attended a lot of Divine Principle workshops and we know already what lecturer will talk and why it is important to learn. So, I didn’t like so much to listen Divine Principle lectures anymore. But this workshop was different. Lectures were more practical, and I could feel more connected with my substantial life. I could feel differently day by day. Also, I did Divine Principle lecture practice. I realized I’m not enough yet. I need to know how to give lecture, but before that most important thing is to become person of ShimJeong. Because I’m not the person of heart, emotion so much. I also realized I need to know how to alien with my center. It was really good chance to realize many things. Thank you.

Jeong WonJin (Korean 2nd gen 22 years old): I think my first motivation to join in this workshop was not so good. I wanted to get answer for my difficulties. So whenever we listen to the lectures, sharing and doing Action Task, I could have right motivation for this. And some moment I felt ‘Why am I here’… But through team members I could feel more comfortable and through Action Tasks, specially ‘giving happiness for others’, ‘drawing True Love’ and ‘Making theater of one central figure’ I could understand how to put in practice about what I knew already. Principle, True Love, Happiness for others…. I could experience all these things. I never forget about these feelings. I could learn so many things through this workshop. I really want to say thank you for everyone.

Lee ShimKyeong (Korean 2nd gen 21 years old): I attended a lot of Divine Principle workshop before, but this time was very new for me. In different country with different people. Also, I experienced first time to explain the lectures for others by pair. I really enjoyed about discussion time about Divine Principle lectures. Also jogging in the morning was also first time for me. It was really good time in the morning. When we had Action Task, there were Team competition and individual competition. In the individual competition I could feel the importance and value of my team members, and in the team competition I could feel the power of unity. Through these programs I could set up my purpose and standard for my future centered on Divine Principle.

Lee SuMin (Korean 2nd gen 23 years old): First, this period was the time to understand my true self. I was thinking if God is exist? If the Spiritual world is exist? But after I listened the Divine Principle lectures I realized I was so ignorant. What I felt the most is that ‘how much God want to give us love…’ First time I felt I want to feel God. And I could feel Him through with my dream. In my dream it was such a strong light and graceful feeling, and I could let go all my resentment from 10years ago through this strong feeling and His Ward. God created me to resemble Him. I finally could understand. I will continue my life of faith, life of attending Heavenly Parent and True Parents even after I go back to Korea. Thank you so much for all these inspiration and experiences.

Kawano Tae (Japanese 2nd gen 23 years old): Through this workshop I realized even my life is so hard and difficult, in the end only God remains. Only God is the answer for me. I’m sure one day I will forget again my motivation and I will find again. But now I really want to do my best to become beautiful object partner in front of God. Also, I’m so grateful for our brothers and sisters who spend time with me share with me. It had big meaning for me. I think it was really happy moments.

Jeong JiWoo (Korean 2nd gen 19 years old): I cannot believe it is already the last day of this 15days workshop. It was first time for me to attend Divine Principle workshop. It was not so easy. Specially teaching each other by pair after each lecture. But as much I understand lectures I couldn’t deny God, only I could feel God’s existence. I was thinking also for my parents were like this, and they got faith and went to the blessing and gave life to me… And now I’m so grateful for my parents they sent me in this program. True happiness is only possible when you give and receive centered on God, when you sacrifice yourself for the others happiness. I realized now but before I was just fallowing the joy and happiness from the material things.

Through this workshop I reflected a lot about my life and at same time I started to respect more my parents who went to this way of restoration as 1st generation. From now I really want to take care of my heart, internal part of me also not just external things. And in order to not forget about this I will continue to study True Fathers wards through HDH. I want to say thank you for all the brothers and sisters who made it possible. Thank you so much Heavenly Parent and True Parents, I love you.

Seo YuRi (Korean 2nd gen 21 years old): In the beginning I was thinking this workshop will be the same like in Korea, but this Divine Principle workshop was different. I was trying before to study Divine Principle before by myself. But always I gave up in the part of ‘God’s dual characteristics’ because I couldn’t understand. But I could understand through Mr.Jeong’s lectures and at same time when we had lecture practice Action Task, I had exactly needed to present ‘God’s dual characteristics’. At the first I felt why exactly this part which I don’t understand well… But through studying for presentation I could understand deeply. Also, after each lecture we needed to explain to each other in pair, so it helped me to focus more in the lectures also. And True Parents, my parents and all the 1st generations went through the way of paying indemnity, that’s way I’m here now. So now I need to inherit this and live my life with God’s heart. Also, through lecture about life of faith I could understand why and how to take out my fallen nature. So now I need to put in action. Because whole we were living together in this period, I realized I have still a lot of fallen nature. In my usual life I didn’t realized about it but as much I feel tired I could see clearly, I have fallen nature. So, I will try to find God’s point of view even in the difficult moment in my life. I’m so grateful for this workshop, I could grow my heart, I could reflect my life and I could think about my future.

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