Portugal: CARP / HARP Summer Workshop


By Sérgio Neto and Carla Vieira, FFWPU Portugal

This year we had our summer workshop from August 1 to 6 2018. Following the motto of the workshop and activities taking place at European level for young people, we felt that should follow the same.

So we decided to focus the conferences, activities, discussions, HDK and the interaction between the young people in the strengthening of their inner self, to reinforce their convictions and to realize that by strengthening their spirit by creating a closer relationship with God, being constant in their life of faith, knowing True Parents through their actions are also directing their future and creating good foundations and good tools as they that they grow.

The motto of this summer workshop was “Step by Step we got stronger”, were present 30 young people of different ages between elementary school and university. Although they had times according to age, such as the time of conferences and discussions, there were also times when all the young people joined together, trying to get the older ones to take care of the little ones, like the fun at the beach, washing the dishes or in group activities and they saw as younger brothers.

It was a good day spent with a lot of fun and they could be closer to those who have the same goals and the future with hope and joy.

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