Paraguay: Global Women´s Peace Network


Prepared by WFWP Paraguay

On August 17, 2018 WFWP Paraguay held the Global Women´s Peace Network at the Los Naranjos Hall, La Preferida Restaurant in Asunción.

The Hall was crowded with 120 professional women, including former ministers, militaries and important artists.

The event started with greetings of MC Prof. Eva Agustina Aquino, followed by a video about WFWP activities in Latin America.

The well-known Soprano Marta Lucila Fiandro and the pianist José Roberto Martinez Piñanez performed a beautiful Paraguayan Guarania and O Sole Mio, which prepared a wonderful atmosphere for the event.

Mrs Roswitha Giuliano gave then a PPT presentation about the Mission of WFWP and Peace Ambassadors and about the purpose and mission of the GLOBAL WOMEN´S PEACE NETWORK.

Vicepresident Mrs Tania Acosta then read the speech of International President Yeon Ah Moon given at the WFWP event in Brasil 2018.

After the speech the Soprano Marta Lucila Fiandro and the pianist José Roberto Martinez Piñanez received their nomination certificate as Peace Ambassadors.

Then two couples, which included a Military and his wife, a journalist and actor and his wife, who traveled to Brazil as part of Peace Road 2018 and participated at True Mothers speech in San Pablo, gave a wonderful testimony about their experiences. They expressed how grateful they are to be part of such a great Peace Movement, learning so much during the whole experience about tolerance, patience and being kind to others, and that they really want to support every activity as much as possible.

Then certificates were given to those who participated in WFWP recent 3 months course about Character Education and Leadership, Dance Therapy and Self Defense.

Prof. Gustavo Giuliano then invited all couples to participate in a couple workshop as preparation for the Blessing.

A video was shown about the trip and participation of the Paraguayan Delegation to San Pablo Brazil.

The event ended with a wonderful Korean dance by Peace Ambassador Prof. Lidia Gimenez´s dance students and a refreshment.

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