Marshal Island: Annual Gathering


Prepared by UPF Marshal Islands

We hold out annual gathering on August 1st, 2018 in Jakaro Meeting Room at MIR, Majuro, Marshall Islands with the theme: “Peace and Development in Marshall Islands: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values.”

Our main participants were as follow:

  1. Hon. Kessai H. Note, Senator, Former President. IAPP Oceania Regional Co Chair. AFP
  2. Hon. Jejwarick Anton, Vice Speaker of the Parliament, AFP
  3. Rev. Kenichi ITO, UPF-RMI Chairman & SG
  4. Mr. Jim Philippo , Deputy President of National Coconuts Company (TOBOLAR).AFP
  5. Rev. Rody Ronald, Pastor of the Full Gospel Church
  6. Mr.Elson Helkena: Former Parliament House Clerk.
  7. Mr. Joe Talley, IT Engineer, US Army Veteran, AFP
  8. Mrs. Sumiko Hirata, School Teacher, AFP (Mr.Anton`s wife)
  9. Mrs. Florida Philippo, National Police officer, AFP (Mr.Philippo`s wife)


Rev. Rody Ronald gave the Invocation for Opening. Then Rev. ITO, UPF-RMI Chair, MC made PP presentation about UPF, Founding, activities, History by the explication of founder s vision through his Peace message contents by using UPF home page website.

Hon. Kessai Note made remarks regarding UPF and IAPP vision and activities with his experiences with founder Rev. and Mrs. Moon and many other international attendants on past UPF /IAPP events in USA, Korea, Nepal, Australia etc.

Hon Jejwarik Anton, Vice Speaker made Congratulatory Remarks regarding the importance of the UPF/IAPP annual gathering.

Rev. ITO also made PP presentation regarding Peace Road project by presenting Bering Strait Passing project and founder`s vision for this.

Our main concern was that throughout UPF/FFWPU history in RMI, founder TPs had visited RMI 2times.The focus point was why he visited, the meaning of their visit,what they did and what they said to RMI as well as Oceania region. Rev. ITO briefly explain the key issue of TPs visit and Hon. Note was the one who welcomed TPs in RMI on Oct.2000 as Head of the Government.

As for First visit: Oct.15~Oct19,2000: That visit was only to Marshall Islands and its very special meaningful visit. As President Kessai Note and his government welcomed TPs delegate as top national guest like Head of State level. Then TPs made 2days fishing condition to have been able to catch meaningful; fishes of the pacific Ocean (Blue Marline, Yellow fin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahimahi).This victory made opening of the Ocean providence in pacific centering on Hawaii. For this TPs sent Two Good Go boats and two Ocean missionaries to each of 10 Oceania nations for the education of youth. Then open up Elite high school of the Pacific in Kona, Hawaii for the future leader of Islands Nations of Oceania.

The amazing providential meaning was that A. TPs visit RMIwas right next day of the victory celebration of 50th anniversal of the Liberation from Hunnam prison. Then after the Visit RMI and Hawaii, TPs visited South America (Paraguai,,Panta Naal) and made special fishing condition with Hyojin Nim ,then right next year 2001, Jan.13th, They made amazingly Historical declaration of the opening of the CIG age “The Coronation Ceremony for Heavenly Parents”.

On their 2nd Visit was UPF Inaugural world tour on December4-5,2005. The event at RMI Parliament Hose was very successful with the meaningful Peace message entitled “A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God`s Will”

In this speech TF made very important suggestion for the future way to take for small Islands nation like RMI .

It was small scale but very rich and meaningful event by the presence of Former President, Current Vice Speaker as well as religious leader and so on,,. We thank you for founder`s vision and long term investment and their sincere effort until visit our Island nations.


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