Latin America Summit in Brazil

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  1. Latin America Summit 2018 (August 3, 2018)
  2. Rally for the Hopeful March Forward of the Providence in Latin America (August 4th, 2018)
  3. Victory Celebration (August 5, 2018)



Many Unificationists gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and thousands of others watched the live broadcast online, for the Latin America Summit Rally for the Hopeful March Forward of the Providence on August 3-5. Many national leaders, as well as international leaders, offered their sincerest gratitude for True Mother’s love and guidance for the Latin American continent.

On Friday August 3, the event opened with a few honorary speakers which included Dr. Rosemary Correa from Brazil, who was the first woman to receive Ambassador for Peace certificate in Brazil, International Chairman of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) Dr. Thomas Walsh, and former President of Uraguay Julio Maria Sanguinetti who has worked closely with True Parents for many years.


As True Mother began her message, she acknowledged the beauty of Latin America, saying “Heaven has truly blessed this continent.” However, because of the Human Fall, there are countless problems and issues happening all around the world. True Mother said humanity’s goal is to take care of Mother Nature, and to preserve the earth and create an environment for future generations. To do this, there must first be peace among the world.

Saturday August 4 started off with some entertainment to get the participants excited and ready to welcome True Mother back on stage. The entertainment was comprised of a Brazilian rock band, a Brazilian choir and a taekwondo performance by children of the Academia Liberdade, the first taekwondo academy in Brazil, to commemorate 48 years. After the introductions, True Mother was welcomed back on the stage where she continued to educate the audience. “North America and South America stand in the position of the mind and body. The mind and body together must unite as one…A divided mind and body leads to meaningless existence.” True Mother concluded by offering her blessing to the Latin American continent.

To conclude the Latin America Summit, the Victory Celebration was held on Sunday August 6 where a beautiful choir opened the ceremony with a song for True Mother, followed by gifts, words of wisdom and a dance performance on the creation, the Human Fall and restoration. True Mother’s final message encouraged the Unificationists everywhere to practice her words. True Parents need the support from the entire Movement in order to accomplish their goals. “Share [this message] with all of your colleagues, with your tribes, with your families, with your friends, so that this nation…can change.”


  • “Thank you True Mother for revealing Jesus’ essence and the essence of attending Heavenly Parent while we are alive on earth. Also, I believe that True Mother’s concern and education for the preservation of the earth will be inherited by future generations while attending Heavenly Parent. Let all mankind be born again as God’s beloved children. We are grateful to be alive at the same time as the True Parents!” –Jeffrey Schmidt
  • “Dear True Mother, as you walked to the podium I felt you gather and focus a scattered spirit world. With a kind and firmly powerful hand you guided your children of South America and the world through a clear understanding of history right up to today, and to a clear understanding of the golden age we live in today and our blessing and responsibility now. True Mother, I don’t know how you did it. There was no example for you nor a partially blazed trail. You could only cling to Heavenly Parent. You truly KNOW who God is. Thank you for bringing us and our Heavenly Parent together though the truth, through your example and through your love and God’s Blessing. –Marjorie Buessing
  • “Thank you. I have been saved and reborn because you live. You have given the final piece of the puzzle for all of humanity to be saved. You have brought Heavenly Parent so much hope for the future. I realize, True Mother, what you have been telling us over and over, but we would not listen, we could not listen because our hearts and minds were closed. Please forgive me. With your leadership I feel we can do it! We will save this world, this gift of God to all of us and we will save this world and humankind in the name of God in in the name of True Parents! We shall do this I pledge and swear!” –John Jackson, Subregional Director, USA Subregion 4
  • “Every time I am so moved by True Mother. She ends her speeches every time with such warm and encouraging call to action and gives back to the nation or continent she visits. This time it is the HJ Magnolia Foundation protecting the environment and erasing hunger. Thank you True Mother for being a Herald to protect Mother Earth and heal all humankind. You started your speech with I love you all so very much. The family is the gateway to heaven, –Irmgard Baynes
  • “Thank you for your incredible message during the Latin America Hopeful March Forward Rally! It was one of your most dynamic speeches ever and I felt the power of Heaven and Earth resounding through your words! I am deeply moved by your vision of the unity between North America and Latin America as the unity of mind and body leading the way to restoration of the world. I often have looked upon Latin America with an inferior attitude and I repent for this sin. I am now excited by the possibilities of our victorious growth together! I felt incredibly blessed to be witnessing this historic event and am grateful to be living with you during this time. I am empowered to strive even harder in fulfilling my responsibility as a Heavenly Tribal Messiah for the restoration of America and the world!” –David Rendel, Subregional Director, USA Subregion 3
  • “Thank you very much True Mother for your very clear message that the only way to solve the world issues is uniting with True Parents and attend Heavenly Parent. I felt it was very significant to disclose the real course of God’s providence in South America’s Catholic realm. I am always impressed and encouraged by True Mother’s sincere heart and courage when She shares She is the Only Begotten Daughter, Messiah and True Parents. Indeed nothing needs to be hidden anymore. All the people of the world must know this truth. Thank you once again True Mother for leading the way on the front line. I truly feel a new age is dawning now. –Rev. Kazuo Takami, District Pastor of Hawaii
  • “The Brazil event was very special.. it was slowly filling up before True Mother’s speech program and was quite well-filled when she spoke. Her speech was so deep and clearly spoken. I even was able to catch some of her Korean. I felt the Brazilian people really appreciated her love for the Amazon and her concern for their welfare now and in the future. She presented the religious history in a rational but gentle manner. Also True Mother was very beautiful as she spoke.. sometimes I felt True Father was right there with her and that Heavenly Parents’ loving heart shined through her face and words to touch the audience deeply. So grateful for this broadcast.” –Cathy Ladolcetta
  • “True Mother spoke of the work of True Parents twenty years before in South America to safeguard the waters and environment of South America for mankind’s future and create sustainable food sources, I felt True Father so powerfully standing with True Mother. I felt so moved it surprised me. I began to sob and tears flowed thinking of True Father and True Mother at Hotel Americano and True Parent’s mosquito-bitten bodies and weary efforts, and ultimately, the surrender of Lucifer. I cried with gratitude that True Parents had called my family and others to Jardim almost 20 years ago. True Parents have truly invested blood, sweat and so many tears together with our members for this glorious time. Thank you, True Mother, again and again, for returning to South America and bringing your holy words and glowing presence there.” –Mark Hernandez
  • “True Mother’s event in Sao Paolo, Brasil was amazing. I have just graduated GPA and the last two years out of my three years I got the opportunity to go to Paraguay for our overseas trip. My time in Paraguay really impacted me a lot. I realized how much God loved South America and I saw missionaries who dedicated their lives to True Parents. I went to Leda and experienced this unconditional heart of a filial child. Immediately I connected with the CARP members there and felt a strong sense of unity and family. I felt this was an important mission; to unite North and South America. True Mother talked about the Mind and Body uniting and that was exactly how the North and South Americas are to unite. As one being. No division. No separation. Mind and Body unity is the first blessing. If we cannot unite the Americas, how can we move on to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth which is only established after all three blessings? We as North and South America must unite centered on Heavenly Parents and True Parents. This is what I felt very strongly about. Thank you Heavenly Parents and True Parents. –Sarah Jackson, Dallas, TX

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  1. Percilio Torquato Lima says:

    Agradeço ao Pai Celeste, de ter nos dado essa maravilhosa Benção e oportunidade, de está com a Nossa Verdadeira e Amada Mãe. Também Mãe de toda a humanidade nesse tempo que jamais houve e jamais existirá. Todos nós somos muito afortunados. A Nação Brasileira é muito Abençoada. Por todo esse trabalho, compreensão e atendimento, aos Nossos Amados Verdadeiros Pais. Muito Obrigado Pai.

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