Italy: The Power of Divine Principle is our never-ending Resource to give Resurrection


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

Following the Divine Principle Workshop for Ambassadors for Peace organized by UPF and WFWP two weeks ago, FFWPU Italy organized another Divine Principle explanation for guests that wanted to deepen their understanding on True Parents vision in Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy on August 10, 2018.

All of the eight participants attended already some WS but this time we wanted to go to the deepest DP content to raise their awareness of the Providential time we are living in.

Around eight more members joined the group to refresh their Divine Principle memory and support the care for the guests.

Ignazio Cabras the FFWPU Vice President gave three lectures, going through the Ideal of Creation, the Fall and the mission of the Messiah, while Giuseppe Calì gave one lecture on Parallel of History and the return of the Messiah. Both answered the many questions that people asked lecture by lecture. The audience was very qualified, consisting of professionals, professors, AfP and politicians, that showed deep interest and understanding.

At the end everybody was inspired and willing to return to continue with the explanations and very supportive of our effort to restore the society. Very interesting the case of a lady that, for family urgent reasons, could not attend the last lecture, the one in which we announced the age of the returning of the Messiah. Late in the evening she called begging us to receive her again in the following day to conclude the seminar. Actually, the only possible moment was after watching the “Victory Celebration” in Brazil, so we invited her to come to our training center for that occasion. She watched rue Mother speech and all the event and afterward we gave her the Divine Principle explanation. A kind of full immersion day for her and we were quite concerned about her possible reaction to this huge amount of new information. The result was amazing! She didn’t want to leave anymore. She stayed with us to have dinner and while eating she could not stop asking questions and questions. We had to say her, at one point, to come back again because for that day it was really too much, with the promise to give her all the truth she needs bit by bit in a way that will surely set a turning point in her life.

We left all these guests with a clear sense, share by all participants, that we gained new brothers and sisters, to be part together of one only family under the Heavenly Parent.

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