Italy: Seminar for UPF and WFWP VIPs

By Gabriella Mieli, WFWP Italy

On July 2, 2018 we held in Colle Mattia, Rome, at our Embassy of Peace, a full day seminar for our closest contacts coming from UPF and WFWP organizations. Among the participants 16 guests (VIPs and AfP), including a lady Consul from Congo, 2 MPs, one political leader, teachers, 1 religious leader, 1 president of a national trade union, 1 president of a national organization of human rights, professionals, 2 young NGO leaders and 9 UPF members, altogether activists for peace.

The seminar was divided in 3 parts, each one followed by a debate with precious contributions coming from all the guests. The content was related to the Divine Principle 1st chapter focused on the 3 Blessings.

First part: “Educational and training proposals for the future citizens of the world” presented by Giorgio Gasperoni (President UPF San Marino), based on the Character Education to teach children and youths to become mature and responsible people: a clear and detailed presentation about the principles of goodness, ethics and morals, the value of responsibility, the service learning with quotes of famous national and international characters of the religious, educational, journalistic and political world.

Second part: “Promotion, support and protection of the family as the founding cell of society” presented by Elisabetta Nistri Calì (President WFWP Italy), based on a detailed explanation about the 2nd Blessing. Starting from the 16th article of the UDHR followed by some quotes from the previous Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, religious leaders and experts, Elisabetta Nistri underlined the importance of a necessary support to the family by the Governments and captured the attention of the participants in explaining how the entire universe is based on a dual system, masculine and feminine, the origin of love, the 4 great realms of heart, how to educate all the components of the family about the values of filial piety, respect, purity, fidelity, compassion and live for the sake of others. Ending with a TF quote “a successful marriage is always a trinity: husband, wife and God” she stressed the audience on how parents can become models of a healthy leadership.

Third part: “Good governance and social cohesion” presented by Giuseppe Calì (Regional leader of South Europe Region), who continued speaking about the 3rd Blessing and the economic, political and social developments, based on a proper educational system centered on how to dominate the universe from spiritual and physical point of view by the law of love, respecting the nature, a proper distribution of the resources, an adequate social system of well-being, a fair investment in research and development working together for healthy an cohesive societies.

This seminar was organized to set a standard for future education of high level people and start experiencing a more concrete approach to Divine Principle explanations, based on actual life and facing social challenges. The result was over our expectations in all aspects. The response from these highly qualified people was amazing and the giving and take created very intense. Once again, we realized how powerful are Divine Principle in clarifying life issues and opening the way for the building of a new society based on true love. All aspects of our societies can be improved by applying DP, from individual integrity to Economy, from family harmony to Politics, Science, Educations and Arts.

It was inspiring, not only for our guests, but also for all of us, that are working on the field of the CIG building. Such vision that comes from the Heart of God and True Parents, is not just a hope, but a certain path that humankind already started to take, as everybody in the WS recognized. The challenges to face are still many, but we will continue to advance with confidence and clear mind, until all mankind will recognize the light that is enlightening the world in this unique historical time.

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