Italy: New Hope Team 2018

By Francesca Cali, FFWPU Italy

We recently had in Colle Mattia, Rome, a junior harp workshop (age 8 – 13 years old), or as we call it in Italy: a New Hope Team Workshop. It was held from the 6th until the 12th of July. The motto for this workshop chosen by the staff was: “Little Big Heroes – with great power comes great

responsibilities”. The main reason in choosing this topic was to let any participant know the precious value they all have inside: whilst we commonly take as hero’s people who can fly or read people’s minds, we should instead learn to see a different kind of power inside each one of us. As any super heroes we also need time to train ourselves, we need someone who can teach us how to use properly our super powers. But once we find who we really are, and what we are able to achieve, then we can use our abilities and gifts for the sake of others and for the sake of ourselves.

We focused mainly on 5 super powers (as many as the days of the ws): courage, true love, connection with God, friendship, creativity. So each day one of these topics was explained through lectures, and put into practice through games and activities. As every workshop we had the prayer evening held at the Rock, the Holy Ground of Colle Mattia, beautifully illuminated by candles, a night where each one of us could feel a good atmosphere and we could all let go of bad feelings and keep going in our journey as a family under God.

The workshop was full of sport (even a challenge night!), games, bounding activities, and lectures. This workshop for the first time was organized exclusively by second gen: Josè Preciutti and Francesca Calì were coordinating the workshop, and the staff for the activities, sports, mc, pictures and team leading were: July Cirelli, Martin Chionna, Cristina Arcadi, Agostino Arcadi, Deo Lupota, Rebecca Stoica, Nausika Celnikasi.

Even though it was their first time without any 1st gen being there as director, they could make something very special out of this workshop thanks to the investment and desire of every single staff. Even the lectures were given by second gen: Godwin Chionna and Aurora Fluckiger; thanks to their experience and knowledge the participants were able to connect very well to the topics explained. As everyone know: food is love, and in this workshop, we could feel it very much tasting the delicious meals prepared for us by the kitchen staff: Bernardi family, Piperis family, Elisa Gonella, Ratchanee Vanotti.

The beauty of organizing such workshops is that you can see with your eyes the effects of your investment through the smiles, tears, laughs and realizations of the participants. So, if there’s something I can say in name of all the staff is that the more we worked for the kids and took care of them, the more we could feel joy and peae in our hearts. Also, they just make you realize each day how precious they are and spontaneously you want to give them more. These experiences surely give a lot to both participants, at the beginning of their journey, and staff, learning how to take care of the kids as much as they can.

In conclusion I want to encourage all the parents who are reading this report to send their kids to any workshop of this kind, let them have good experiences, and build real connections between them and with God. Wherever they are, if there are BCs taking care of them, they are in good hands.

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