Haiti: Celebration of International Youth Day

Prepared by YFWP Haiti

The International Youth Day was celebrated in Haiti by the Youth Federation for Peace and Unification on Sunday, August 12, 2018 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM under the theme: “Public Space for Youth” at the conference room of the National Insurance Office, Port-au-Prince.

Through our invitation committee, we launched an invitation campaign for about a month and through this we could invite 300 people including the current parliamentarian Mr. Patrick Norzéus.

The event began with the Youth Anthem and then the welcoming remarks. On this occasion, members of the Youth Federation gave a very good performance to the audience: dances, songs and texts.

The Message of the Secretary-General of the United Nations read by Rev. Theodule Paul, President of the FFWPF-HAITI.

A presentation on the Universal Peace Federation and the role of Peace Ambassadors was presented to the audience. In addition, the Youth Federation also took the opportunity to appoint eighteen (18) Youth Ambassadors to strengthen the Youth for Peace Network in Haiti.

The President of the Youth Federations in Haiti has read the vibrant message of True Parents to the 300 Young Girls and Boys attending this celebration. The youth were happy to hear the importance that True Parents give to young people in the unfolding of God’s Providence.

After this ceremony, the deputy Mr. Patrick Norzéus gave good advice to the new young ambassadors of peace and explained to them his experience as a great ambassador of peace.

The ceremony ended with the launch of “Peace Road 2018” and three cheers of Mansei.


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