GTGY Practices a Life of Jeonseong



The 2018 Global Top Gun Youth (GTGY) program for young adults continues their journey to experience Hyojeong culture! August 17 marked the second day of the three-day pilgrimage in Korea where participants visited the Holy grounds from the early days of the Unification Movement. While 16 buses transported the group through Korea, each bus had its own unique schedule for the day. Some buses visited the Gapsa Temple, the Yamok church, and Sun Moon University. Many participants were moved to hear the significance and value behind each place. At Yamok church, the youth learned that this was where True Father taught the Divine Principle to many early Unificationists who later became top Divine Principle lecturers themselves.

On Sunday, August 19 a special lecture was given about discovering habits one may have from that person’s upbringing. The young leaders were encouraged to take a stand to create something in their lives that separated themselves from any challenging experiences from their youth that may have shaped them in some way. Right before this lecture, one participant from Taiwan had a realization through prayer about building a better relationship with his father. After listening to the lecture, he was very comforted to hear the practical ways for rebuilding his father-son relationship.

Early Monday morning, all of the GTGY participants made their way to Cheongpyeong Training Center to begin their day with a prayer at the Tree of Blessing on the top of the mountain. There they were informed on the Jeonseong (Devotion) commitment of 400 bows. The intention for the bows was to ensure the safety of True Parents and the triumph of Vision 2020, for the victory of the 6th anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa, and for the success and growth of GTGY participants as well their own personal purpose for the condition. The group would do 40 bows together and then take the next seven minutes to do a short Hoon Dok Hwe reading and prayer. One North American participant had expressed that with each reading he would take some of God’s Words that stood out to him and use that to focus during the next 40 bows. It was through this that he was able to understand and connect deeper to the words. Following a chanyang session, the participants made their way back to the Cheonga Camp with sore knees and smiles.

The following morning, all of the participants partook in an outdoor activity challenge that included a water balloon toss, jump rope competition, water gun fight and more. During lunch, everyone split into groups to begin an afternoon discussion to share about their experiences in Korea so far. Sari Watanabe, a group leader, shared that her concern was to create an atmosphere to help her group have a great experience at GTGY. “I know how important this workshop is to True Parents, and I’ve been praying and asking Heavenly Parent what I can do to support their experience,” she said.

At the end of the day, participants heard from Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) representatives of three different countries who shared their experiences of raising spiritual children and how their own life of faith has been positively impacted by their decision to join CARP activities.


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