France: Introduction to YSP


By Sungmin Barje, YSP France

On Saturday 30th of June YSP- France organized its first event under the theme « peace continues with us ».

The day started in the morning with some ice-breaking games to make the participants feel comfortable and get to know each other. Following a break, we had a conference given by Jacques Marion on the theme « Let’s become True Parents, True Teachers and True Leaders » with group discussions so that the participants express themselves regarding the theme.

After lunch we had the 2nd part of the day with an introduction of the activity « Peace Designer ». Following a presentation of the project Peace Designer we discussed in groups about different themes and tried to find solutions linked to the problems of each field. This introduction brought a lot of results as the participants were interested by the activity.

The day finished with the world cup game of France and an evening together. We are glad to have receive positive feedback about the day and the fact that the project Peace Designer can have a big impact on society.

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