DR Congo: Inauguration of YSP


On August 12 each year we celebrate the commemoration of the International Day of Youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This event organized by the YSP / RD Congo in collaboration with other youth organizations under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Youth, this event was celebrated with participation of more than 1200 young people and officials from all the four corners of the City-Province of Kinshasa as well as some delegations from the provinces of the interior of the country, under the theme: “Peace begins with me”.

Note that the YSP DR Congo has, at the same time, made its official launch. Due to the current political stakes in the country, the event that should be held initially at the Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa, has been relocated to the YMCA-YWCA Stadium (Young Men Christian Association), only one week before the expected date. This may have disrupted the organization and forced to significantly reduce the number of participants that was initially set at 12,000 while the YMCA space has a capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 seats.

Recall that YMCA, the framework that welcomed us, is a very significant place for the history of our beautiful country and especially the Congolese youth. It was here that the Congolese revolution, which subsequently triggered the Independence of the Republic, began at the rally of the first President KASAVUBU on 4 January 1959, prevented by the Belgian police and caused the death of several Congolese citizens mostly young, recognized today as martyrs of the independence of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Already at the beginning of the event, even before the arrival of the authorities, the historical place of the Ymca was archicomble.

On the first Mr. Samy WETSHI, delegate of the Minister at the event and Advisor to the Ministry of Youth and Initiation to the New Citizenship, and His Excellency Dr. TSHIOKO (with white scarf at the blow), Provincial Minister of Social Affairs of KASAI province and Ambassador National President of the National Peace Council. On the second, on the right Rev. Michel FUTILA DI MAYEKO, Secretary General of the UPF sub-region Central Africa and to his left, the couple of Rev. Jean Pierre KADIMA MUNDADI, Legal Representative of the FFWPU RD Congo and Secretary General of UPF  RD Congo.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony was held in a calm atmosphere and the participants made reign an atmosphere of peace and conviviality in the fraternity and the mutual respect and no incident was recorded, in spite of the large number of the participants, as we see in the images, more than 1200 young people from different corners of Kinshasa.

1We particularly thank the Ministry of Youth and Initiation to the New Citizenship for offering us this wonderful framework for the conduct of the activity;
All Youth Organizations and Higher Education Institutions that have participated from near or far, including CNJ, YMCA, Le Palmier NGO, REC, COJEC, M / JEAC, CJACO, ISTS, ISTA, ISTM-Kinshasa, ISTK , UFA, … for their accompaniment. Organizations such as Heaven Group and National Peace Council for their support of which we were beneficiaries.

And finally, we will not be able to finish without saying a word of gratitude and gratitude to the President of the Organizing Committee, the National Legal Representative of the FFWPU and Secretary General of UPF DR Congo the Rev. Jean-Pierre KADIMA MUNDADI who, despite his multiple occupations, has not ceased to help us morally and financially in case of need.

For all those who directly or indirectly contributed to this success, find between these lines our feelings of gratitude.

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