Dominican Republic: Peace Road 2018

BY Mr. Jake Lavina, UPF Dominican Republic

Last July 28-31 FFWPU- Dominican Republic conducted Peace Road 2018 with the collaboration of the municipal of Alcarrizos. This event was conducted for 4 days. The biking course is from Alcarrizos to Sto. Domingo, Sto. Domingo to Piedra Blanca, Piedra Blanca to Santiago and Santiago to Sto. Domingo. These routes will connect the three providential places of Dominican Republic. By doing so, we can form a trinity at the center of the map of Dominican Republic which signify to establish a strong center to Restore this nation.

Rev. Hong, special envoy and national Leader, Mr. Leonidas Belliard, headed the peace road and financed it from the beginning until the end. Also they encouraged the bikers in every stop that they have giving them guidance about the meaning of the devotion and its benefits for our nation.

On the first day, 1500 participants from Alcarrizos joined us during the opening ceremony of the said event. 40 CARP members together with some Second Generations and CIG Japanese Missionaries unite as one during the entire event. We started to have a Peace Road March with all the participants and bikers around the City of Alcarrizos. On the second day, 25 CARP members continued the biking course from Santo Domingo to Piedra Blanca which you can found at the center of the map of Dominican Republic.

Moreover all the leaders including the blessed family members are trying to develop this place as a training place for the young generation to learn the principle. On the 3rd day, the bikers moved to Santiago which is the second largest city of Dominican Republic. The Family members in Santiago welcomed all the participants warmly. On the last day, all the participants move to Santo Domingo which is the largest course. It is around 156 kilometers from Santiago. All the CARP members departed very early to complete the 400 kilometers. There are over all 21 CARP members who finished the course successfully.

The participants gave the testimony how they feel the heart of True Parents promoting World Peace during their entire life. Everyone is happy to experience this 400 kilometers run with ful of realization and learning during the entire program. We do believe that all the sweat, blood and tears of every participant will give us a stronger foundation to establish the Cheon Il Guk in this nation and realized world peace. Moreover it is our offering to beloved True Mother as she´s going to proclaim the New Heavenly Latin America. Peace Road is a worldwide program established by True Parents and this is our substantial offering to show that we are united with True Parents. We will do our best to offer more victory to advance the providence of Cheon Il Guk and to promote World of Peace.

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