Dominican Republic: Hyojeong Workshop for the Youth

Prepared by FFWPU Dominican Republic

On August 14-16, 2018  we conducted 3 day Hyojeong Workshop for the High School Second Generation with the theme: “ Let’s become filial children of God; Liberating His heart by Embodying the Principle”. The Workshop held at Santiago, Dominican Republic lead by Jake Lavina Youth Special Envoy of Dominican Republic. There are 17 Second Generations came from different places who participated in this Workshop.

This workshop aims to educate our Second Generation to become filial children of God and True Parents by helping them understand more deeply the Principle. During the open Ceremony, Sr. Nicolas Rosario (Santiago Church Leader) gave the opening Remarks by welcoming all the participants and encouraging them to focus on the workshop. Sr. Luciano de Jesus Laureano (Secretary of UPF in Santiago) gave his testimony how important to know the principle in our life and he also emphasized the value of young people for the accomplishment of Cheon Il Guk. Lic. Jake Lavina (CARP President of DR) explained the meaning of Hyonjeong and encourage everyone to become filial children to God and True Parents in his closing Remarks. The opening Ceremony finished by 3 cheers of Eog Mansei.

There are 4 topics given during the entire workshop. Sr. Nicolas and Sra. Raquel Rosario gave the lecture about Hyojeong. In this lecture, the participants understand better the heart of God and True Parents, and the responsibility and attitude of filial sons and daughters of God. Lic. Jake Lavina gave the Lecture about the Tradition, Life of attendance and the Course of Blessing Preparation. In these Lectures, they came to understand the meaning and importance of our Tradition in our daily life.

Moreover, it helps them to know clearly how important to practice our daily tradition to establish a God Centered life. In addition, they are more confident to prepare themselves before receiving the blessing in the future as they understand clearly the right preparation to receive the blessing. Everyone is very happy as they participate this very first Hyojeong Workshop for the Second Generation and very first workshop here in Santiago as well.

Our Second Generation is the hope of God and True Parents. We do believe that this workshop helps our Second Generation to have a clear understanding how to practice their faith, apply the principle and totally establish a God centered life. By doing so, we can raise them as True filial Children of God and True Parents. May this workshop creates a deep foundation as we open the Era of a Heavenly Latin America and Heavenly Dominican Republic.

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