Côte d’Ivoire: Hyojeong Character Education

Prepared by FFWPU Côte d’Ivoire

As part of the school holidays program, our second generation organized a summer camp in Adzopé with 26 participants. The first five chapters of hyeojeong character education were taught for the first five days. These are: what does it mean to be good? Where can I learn to be good? Kindness engenders peace, brotherly love, resolving rivalries in siblings.

In addition to the teachings, the activities furnished the camp, such as a campfire, 3 nights spent in tents, written confessions, prayers around a big fire, 4 km walk to collect the wood, 14 km climbing the mountain, a community service that consisted of the cleaning of the village of Bécedi Brignan, village that housed the Holiday Camp.


Yeong Jin Mocket: I want to thank the Heavenly Parent and True Parents first and foremost for the protection during the camp. Overall this camp has been a success and remains the best for me. Even though we have encountered some concerns. In any experiment, it is only the best that we remember. This camp first allowed the participants and the staff members to strengthen the fraternal bonds, in a second time to bring out the original self of everyone and finally, allowed to establish a real link between the participants and nature through the different activities in nature. I would also like to thank everyone who helped us in this camp. Thank you very much.

Another participant: Personally the camp went very well. I loved climbing the mountain, it was my dream to do it, since I reached it, I’m really happy. The food was perfect, the teaching too, and especially the games. This experience brought me closer to my brothers and sisters. We really exchanged a lot of things together. I thank the framers and especially the cooks. Thank you.

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