Canada: Peace Road 2018


 Prepared by UPF Canada

“I was a mayor, educator, and I ride bikes,” said Peter Delanty at the 2018 Peace Road mini-conference in Toronto on July 14, 2018.  Hosted by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Women’s Federation of World Peace (WFWP), the former mayor and 5 other panelists gave their insight on altruistic families and the creation of a peace road.  The organizations were founded by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon who are visionaries, and peace builders beyond religion, race, and nationalities.  Creating good, loving, and stable families is an essential and universal role of all our lives.  Peace and harmony within ourselves and families is the key to bringing an harmonious world.

Hosted by MC Dr. R. Thillairajan,  the conference was attended by about 40 local interested parties.  It began with Dr. Moonshik Kim and Mrs. Lilly Tadin giving opening remarks about the founders’ purpose, and purpose of the conference.  The conference consisted of two panels entitled, “Altruistic families are the key to a harmonious world”  and “A Peace Road Vision helping link people wanting a peaceful world.”

The first panel consisted of Ms. Arooj Aarooj, a radio talk show host, Auth. Qamrul Khanson, an author of 8 books and a Friday Imam, and Rev. Stoyan Tadin, an insightful Unificationist preacher.

Between the panels, Mr. Shafiq Beig shared his poem, War of Alphabets.

The 2nd panel consisted of Mr. Peter Delanty, former mayor of Cobourg, Rev. Yvette Shank, president of Church of Scientology – Canada, and Mr. Errol Gibbs, a behavioral strategist and author.  Mr. Edmond Young concluded the speeches with an interesting keynote address about an International Highway and track system using high speed trains.  This project relies heavily upon governments support and the construction of a Bering Strait tunnel-bridge and a Japan – Korean connecting tunnel.

Five young adult missionaries sang On Top of the World, by The Carpenters.

All attendees signed a Peace Road map which implied that Peace Road is a worthwhile developing project that should receive more positive attention toward move development.

The conference concluded with a lunch catered from Subway.

I want to personally thank everyone who participated, spoke, funded, or otherwise helped make this conference possible.  Thank you.

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