Cameroon: Peace Road 2018


Prepared by UPF Cameroon

Peace road 2018 was held in Cameroon on the 25th of August 2018 in Yaoundé Cameroon. There were over 50 people who came to participate in this edition of peace road despite the security concerns in the nation at this moment. The itinerary for the peace road was from Yaoundé II subdivision to the Monument of Charles Atangana in Yaoundé III, passing through the 20th May Avenue, a distance of about 3Km.

The preparation for Peace road began a week ago and faced a lot of difficulties due to financial constraints and security reasons given the situation of the nation. Getting the authorization for the peace march was not easy but through the resilience and determination of the organizing team together with spiritual conditions led by the secretary General, Mrs. Van Iersel Rachel, we succeeded in obtaining the authorization.

The participants began to assemble at 9h00 a.m. at the Divisional Office roundabout at Tsinga – Yaoundé II subdivision. T-shirts were distributed to the participants and flyers to distribute to people along the way. Two agents of the intelligence Service of the state arrived at the spot and inquired about the event and received explanations from the Secretary General for UPF – Yaoundé, Mrs. Van Iersel Rachel and he was satisfied and asked for flyers to read and share with others.  A few minutes after the arrival of the Police Escort, we sang the national anthem of Cameroon, received a word of explanation of Peace Road from the Secretary General of UPF Cameroon, Rev. Fongoh Innocent and charged up with the peace anthem while following behind the police escort. While we marched we distributed the flyers to those along the way and many people were interested to find out about the message we were carrying. The march was a success as the participants sang from start to finish, “Peace is not a word, it’s a way of life.” This is the message that was explained on the flyers in English and French.

Along the way we could notice many security and intelligence service officials, some in assorted wear taking photos and videos of us as we marched. The gaze was fixed upon us because the nation is traversing a period in which there is a lot of skepticism about any social gathering due to the political tension that is reigning these days. Despite all these, we marched and sang with loud voices believing that Heavenly Parent is with us.

Arriving at the monument of Charles Atangana where we had to finish, the Vice President, Mr. Nchia Kamran led the team with three shouts of Eok Mansei for Peace in Cameroon, Unity in Africa and the establishment of an Ideal world of Peace. We took a group photo, signed the banner of participation and shared snacks. Meanwhile, our camera man interviewed the Retired police commissioner to get his impressions about Peace Road.


Police Commissioner: I strongly believe that through peace road, many people are being sensitized and that we are creating an impact in the mentality of the people through the message we carry. Also, because God is accompanying us, even though our number is small, we can influence the hearts of people and bring about a change in the nation and the world towards the values of peace carried by UPF.

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