Brazil: Victory Ceremony for Latin America Summit and the Hopeful Rally

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On August 5, 2018, the event (Victory Celebration) was held with the attendance of 4,500 people, at the Credicard Hall show house run by the MC, Vice Pres. Nivaldo Alves dos Santos. It was attended by world leaders, especially the presence of the True Family, The True Mother, Pres. Sun Jin Nim, In Sup Nim and Yeong Ha Nim.

The Sunhak Hyojeong choir opened the event with three songs (Hallelujah Aju, Hallelujah Aju and Omonime Une). A second generation couple offered flowers to True Mother (Sam Joon and Jessica Anami). Next came the cutting of the cake with True Mother and Sun Jin Nim, where members sang Sung ni Chuka Hamnida.

Representing Latin America America the President of Argentina Mr. Carlos Vargas and the President of Paraguay, Mr. Aristides Rondan, offered a beautiful gift to True Parents. We also had gifts from Korea, Japan and Bolivia.

Rev. Sung Jong Seo, the special emissary of Latin America gave the introductory prayer. The report of the New Hope Tour in Latin America was then given by the Latin American Latin American Group Rev. Sang Suek Kim. Then the International President of UPF, Dr. Thomas Walsh gave his report on World Summit. Finally the director of YSP Latin America, Mr. Samuel Ota Linhares gave the latest report on the activities of the YSP.

In her speech the True Mother uttered a powerful message with inspiring content for all present, blessed families, members of the first and second generation, and third generation, she said, “We are sons and daughters centered on True Parents and this kind of family should not be shaken by any wind. You must remain like a tree that has strong roots. From now on this is the time when we must reveal the truth. We can not wait any longer. We will not wait any longer. We must go forward with pride and reveal the truth. I have been daring! Look at the cross, for example, all who should have supported, all were hidden, all apostles, only thieves were with him at the last moment of his life and yet the left thief still mocked Jesus and the right one said [ this person is different from us, has no sin …] And Jesus said to him, even today he will be with me in Paradise. Paradise is not the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore from that point of view I will be proud of you. I’m already proud of you. I see the reports and I’m already proud, Grateful. All things that are wrong in this world can be rectified, Tidy up. There are still many wrong things, And you second and third generation must change the world … ”

In the second part of the event the Festival Hyojeong took place with young people from Latin America who presented a wonderful show that expressed the Creation of God, Fall, Restoration and the Age of Cheon Il Guk. At the end there was the dance of Mujokon, and Saranghe who all sang together with True

The event was concluded with 3 cheers of Eog Mansei given by the Brazilian national leader, President Koichi Sasaki.

It was indeed an unforgettable and historic afternoon, many members expressed a heart of much devotion and union with True Mother, being moved by the reports given by the leaders on the preparations and results achieved that especially thrilled with the presentation of the young people of Latin America.

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  1. Oscar Mario Barquero says:

    Muy agradecido por el gran trabajo de los Padres Verdaderos y anhelando que atraves de esta Cumbre Mundial Brasil 2018 el éxito se manifieste de forma sustancial, en toda América Latina.

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