Brazil: Latin America Summit 2018

Prepared by UPF Latin America

The Latin America Summit 2018 took place from August 2 to 5th, 2018 in Renaissance Hotel São Paulo city, with 400 participants which included 6 Former-presidents and actual and former first ladys, MPs, Religious leaders, including the Cardinal kelvin Felix from Dominica and VIPs from all fields. The theme for the summit was “Peace and Development in Latin America: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values”

The event begun with opening banked at the evening of day 2nd, with the welcome remark done by Rev. Sang Suek Kim, Regional President of FFWPU Latin America.

The event had VI Session, including AIPP and AIPD with very diverse speakers from all Latin America Region.

In the second day, we had the Plenary Session with True Mother words. At the lunch time in the same day, TM invited several representative leaders from all nations to participate in a special banquet. Some of the guest gave their testimony about the experience with the study of Divine Principle and the vision of True Parents.

Also we had the launching of AIPD for Latin America and water ceremony with main religious leaders present at the event, following with the explanation of the activities of several organizations affiliated to UPF, as YSP, Peace Road, Sunhak Peace Price, WFWP, Married, family and Blessing and Media.

In the 3th day morning we had session VI, To where we will go from here and afternoon, the great rally of hope in the Allianz Parque, and all the participants from Latin America Summit join with 30.000 participants from several countries from all Latin America.

True Mother’s words in all occasion were so profound and directly, explaining the mission and the failure of the Christianity to understand and to fulfill the mission given by Jesus, to prepare for Second Coming of the Lord.

In the closing ceremony, many participants sing a song accordingly with their region and when Dr. Walsh gave the last words it was like a wonderful journey that was coming to the end.


All participants became so inspired and confident that the UPF’s vision can help their country to find a solution for their problems.

Some countries from Latin America already request if possible to do same event in their country.

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