Brazil: Inauguration of IAPD Latin America

Prepared by UPF Latin America

During Latin America Summit 2018, we held the Inauguration of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) in Latin America on August 4, 2018 in Hotel Renaissance. Mr Miguel Werner, President of the UPF Argentina was the moderator for the session.

The first speaker who opened the session was Rev. Hyun Young Lee, president of the Korean Religious Association, gave a powerpoint presentation of the interfaith activities in Korea.

The following guests speakers of the session: Cardinal Kelvin Felix, from the Roman Catholic Church of Dominica; Mr Felix Diaz, President of the Council of the Indigenous People of Argentina; Bishop

Rafael Ruiz Gaona, of the National Apostolic Catholic Church of Paraguay; Rev. Agricol Lozano Gomez, Vice-President of the Interreligious Council of Mexico; Rev. Dr. Guillermo Osorno, President of the National Council of Pastors of Nicaragua and Iman Muhammed Shafiqul Islam, from Jamaica were called one by one for the interfaith water ceremony. They poured one glass of water in the large bowl, representing the common destiny of all religions to cooperate in harmony and build world peace.

Each one gave a short speech. At the end at the session, Dr. Walsh read the founding resolution of the IAPD and invited everyone to sign.

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