Brazil: Hopeful Rally for March Forward of Heavenly Latin America

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

After several days of heavy rain in São Paulo, Brazil, the Rally for the Hopeful March day, Saturday morning, August 4, began with cloudy weather and then opened and a great time and weather for the event.

From early on thousands of people started arriving at the Palmeiras Stadium – Allianz Parque, in São Paulo to attend the Family Festival, which had as its main theme: “From a Happy Family to a World of Peace!”.

On this day all the effort of months of preparation of the brothers and sisters of Brazil and all America who dedicated through various conditions of jeongseong and intense work of testimony, became substantial in a crowd around the stadium to attend the meeting.

The program that started at 14 hours with entertainment, Taekwon Do presentation with children, commemorating 48 years of performance, presentation of two countrymen Fernando and Sorocaba and Thaeme and Thiago; the Choir with hundreds of voices. About 30,000 people had the opportunity to sing peace and prepare to receive the message of True Mother. At this moment, authorities from all over Latin America, who participated in the Latin America Summit, other leaders who came to participate in the Interfaith Ceremony for peace (water ceremony) came to the Rally this afternoon to welcome the True Mother and honor her speech. We had the authority speech: Mayor of the City of Monteiro Lobato-SP, Ms. Daniela de Cassia Santos Brito and former President of Trinidad and Tobago, Anthony Carmona gave congratulatory words to the peace work developed by our movement.

In her speech, True Mother spoke many things to educate the people of Latin America, about providence and events at the time of Jesus’ coming and about the time of True Parents today. The True Mother was much applauded in several passages of her speech. Soon after the former president of Costa Rica, José Alberto Afano Gimenez and his wife offered flowers to the True Mother.

The festival continued with great joy with many prizes and lots of music. The Family Festival, marked a new time of hope and rebirth for Latin America.

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