Brazil: General Assembly WFWP

Empowering Women Leaders from South America “Educators of the Culture of Peace and Family Values”


Prepared by WFWP International

There were 703 people, including mothers, housewives, city councilors, mayoresses, delegates, colonels, former ladies, NGO leaders, and men.

We counted on the presence of Mrs. Hilda Claros who made a brief prayer for the beginning of the event.

Mrs. Alexa Ward, WFWP vice president of the US and WFWP representative at the UN, gave a brief explanation of the WFWP (GWPN) that unites leaders, organizations and governments to solve urgent social problems and ensure an environment for equitable human development. Through peace leadership based on the feminine aspect of human nature, GWPN seeks to ensure lasting peace and prosperity for generations to come.

Delegate Rose Corrêa presented Pres. Yeon Ah Moon who gave the main speech of the afternoon.

She spoke about the desire for a peaceful, free and united world. And to be living in an egocentric world, seeking happiness, ignoring the people around him. He emphasized the importance of the feminine leadership for the construction of the dream of God that is a global family under God. True feminine leadership is characterized by a generous heart, through which indifference and disregard of the past can and will come to an end.

“An environment of sustainable peace and harmony can be created through the individual who implements the lifestyle for the benefit of others and expands the culture of” interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values “to their neighbors, parents, siblings, and the whole community. As we move to the next stage, we need to remember that it is love and responsibility that bring us closer to a more balanced and harmonious world. We cannot lose sight of the fact that “peace begins with me”.

On this foundation, and together with an understanding of the Founders’ vision for “A Family under God,” I am confident that Latin America and Brazil in particular will play a determining role in the future of the Western Hemisphere. ”

Ms. Moriko Hori (President of WFWP Japan) composed the table, who spoke about the work of the Japanese missionaries in other countries to eradicate the problems of hunger, poverty, education, hygiene, refugees, even about family reconstruction.

Mrs. Emília Franco (Former First Lady of Paraguay) who spoke about the situation of Paraguayan women and how she has increased womens´ rights in society.

Priscila Menin talked about the role of the women in society.

Reema Carmona (former First Lady of Trinidad & Tobago) spoke about collaborative and cooperative initiatives involving the public and private sectors, NGOs, international institutions, world leaders, by creating the required connectivity with the young population and by engaging the power of change and capabilities of our woman population. Also about the responsibilities of parents to their children and the future nation, about a healthy family. He talked about a philosophy of compassion and inclusion and the need to become global citizens.

Ms. Lúcia França (President of FUSSESP) shared her thoughts on women’s empowerment, their importance in society, their position, opportunities for qualification and professionalization, and rights. She Believes that “Woman never gives up”.

Maria Fernanda Flores (Former First Lady of Nicaragua) quoted THE WORLD CONFERENCE OF WOMEN OF THE UNITED NATIONS IN BEIJING (1995) to refer to the increased participation of women in decision-making processes and access to power. And he asked all the nations of the world, on behalf of each of the Nicaraguan citizens, that we are lovers of peace and justice, their solidarity and prayer for Nicaragua, which in this historical moment they need.

Congresswoman Adriana gave her closing words and thanks.

The event closes with the official photo, musical performances, dance and a coffee break.

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