Benin: Successful Heavenly Tribal Messiah


Prepared by FFWPU Benin

On the occasion of a great victory for three couples who fulfilled their mission as the Heavenly Tribal Messiah with giving blessing 430 couples of their people and tribe, we held a congratulatory event on Sunday August 19, 2018 during the service at the headquarters of the FFWPU Benin. Our three new successful blessed couples are victorious heavenly tribal messiahs are:

  • KPOHINTO Antoine and Valentine
  • OKOUTA Félicien and Elie
  • MANEDJI Eustache and Armelle

This event was a moving moment. The victorious heavenly tribal messiahs were happy and all the participants were stimulated and committed to become the future victorious heavenly tribal messiah.

We deeply believe that our Heavenly Parent, and True Parents of heaven, earth and humanity, have opened the way for us.

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