Benin: Peace Road 2018

Prepared by UPF Benin

On August 17, 2018 we held “Peace Road 2018” with around 150 participants in Aplahoué prefecture, Department of Couffo. The event this time included a Peaceful walking and cyclists, Messages of peace, and signing of the Peace Road Banner.

Our participants were included the Mayor and the Head of District of Aplahoué center, the Departmental Director of Customs and executives of the prefecture of Aplahoué.

the Peace Road focused on the international highway from South Africa to the Cape of Good Hope crossing all Africa to join Europe, then from Europe to America. and from America to Asia.

The press was present and the event was broadcast live on SunHak-Info via the internet.

Mr Christophe MEGBEDJI, Prefect of the Couffo Department took the floor and welcomed the President of the FFWPU Benin, the Secretary General of the UPF Benin, the Mayor of Aplahoué and the various authorities for having responded to UPF’s call in his department and wished that peace be our breviary at all times and at all times. He congratulated the founders of the UPF and the grandiose ambition of building the international highway that he acclaimed. He stated that he works with those who are entitled to support the project and help to achieve it.


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