Austria: Workshop for 2nd and 3rd Generation Children


By Orlande Schenk, FFWPU Austria

From July 20-23, 2018 a workshop was held in Seebenstein, Austria, for elementary school children.

It was an exciting children’s workshop for four days in the beautiful location of Seebenstein. 19 children in the age between 5-10 gathered, most of them 3rd gen. The workshop’s topic was “We are Heroes”. 10 young fathers and mothers served as staff for the workshop.

In the mornings we talked and discussed with the children what it means to be a hero in our daily lives and how they can be heroes for God. In the afternoons we had activities like sports, water games, baking, treasure hunt or walking up to the lovely castle Seebenstein where we had a picknick with everyone.

On our last night we held of course a traditional campfire with songs, BBQ and marshmallows afterwards.

We were impressed how deep many of the talks and discussion were with the children, and how many things are very natural for them. We as staff members felt it was a growing experience for the children and for us and we could share many new wonderful experiences together.

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