Austria: Lectures about Eternal Life

By Barbara Grabner, UPF Austria

Summertime is the period which I use to inspire people in my home village south of Salzburg. Early in July, I organized two lectures focusing on near-death-experiences and our preparation for life after death. The well-known lecturer and book author Johannes Stampf came from Vienna and gave two wonderful presentations. The first lecture was held in my home village Golling (9.7.2018) and presented various facts, opinions and research results about near-death experiences. The event was announced by posters and leaflets in shops and restaurants, and by mailing and calling established contacts – a job I had to do largely by myself. The event location was once more our local Farming Museum. At the entrance we had a small book table. The owners cat chooses to sit among the literature; it looked as if she was guarding the books written by Johannes Stampf.

Thanks to the announcement by four regional newspapers and one renown daily, more guests came than expected – 42 who had to pay entry. Adding the owner Inge, Johannes and myself we were 45 persons. Guests who came just in time were already too late – and had to sit in an adjunct room furnished with a second notebook showing the slides. Among the guests were many who came the first time as well as persons who had special encounters. At the beginning I distributed the DP booklet “Our Life in Two Worlds “.

Seeing the picture of True Father at the back cover some persons started to whisper. Despite the crowded conditions all guests except one lady who needed fresh air and went out, listened quietly and very attentive. There was much give-and-take between Johannes Stampf and the guests. At the end all were invited to come to the lecture following two days later. On Wednesday (11.7.) we met in the small spa of Bad Vigaun in a bed-and- breakfast pension located close to the church. The owner, Maria, knows me from previous lectures and offered us the opportunity to speak there. She and her friends had invited many persons.

Finally, we had to bring in a garden bench to sit all 34 guests. The lecture “Lebensraum wigkeit“ was truly inspiring and thought provoking! From their comments I guess that most persons had heard or read much on that topic before. Even though the lecture lasted over two hours a dozen guests stayed until mid-night. They put questions like „what happens after suicide or after cremation with the spirits? “I admired Johannes who was able to answer the most delicate questions so profoundly.

When we asked people if they want to hear a similar presentation next year, there was much consent. Johannes´ books were sold during the first lecture and there were no more DP booklets; so we handed out cards to order a copy of “Lebensraum Ewigkeit“ from a bookstore.

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