Asian Leadership Conference

Asian Leadership Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 10-13, 2018 with the Theme: “Providing Vision and Leadership for Nation-Building and Peace”


by Dr. Robert Kittel

By normal standards, it was a small Asian Leadership Conference (ALC), just 14 participants. However, there were two significant breakthroughs: 1) seven delegates came from Laos, the largest number ever attending an ALC, and 2) it was the first time representatives came from East Timor, two attended. In addition, there were participants from Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand.

Two Laotian military colonels along with their wives came so, as always, we concluded the 3-day ALC with an Interfaith Peace Blessing. It was the highlight of the conference.

This was the 41st ALC since 2008, when Dr. Yong Chung Sik became the Regional Director of Asia. Normally we have at least one conference a month. Over the past ten years there have been a total of 1,883 VIP participants, including former Heads of State, Members of Parliament, religious leaders, business men and women, educators, media and sports personalities, youth, students and high-ranking military officers.


The concept of “live for the sake of others” can really help and build the family, society and nation. When there is no selfishness in yourself, there will be no violence or corruption, etc. no evil things in society.  – Mrs. Amy Ooi, Malaysia

We are very happy to participate in this conference because we can learn a lot with new friends from other countries. The wonderful delivery by the speakers for two days was very important and useful.  – Dr. Jose Agostinho Belo, East Timor

In my opinion the family is very important in terms of building trust and making social contributions in the community.  – Anonymous

[What topic did you like the most? Why?] Session VI: the root cause of human conflict and suffering. This presentation was based on beneficial facts and data for interpreting them for social education. – Mr. Keetapong Namwat, Thailand

The most precious and important thing we learned was how to solve social problems and build societies of peace by learning how to live for the sake of others. To help build loving relations within the family is the best way to solve problems. We will bring these teachings back to our family, neighbors, community and nation, and try to practice this learning. Thank you Father Moon for teaching us how to build heaven on earth. – Mrs. Bounsalong Boualyvong, Laos

I was a Division Commander in Nepal during the People’s War. Here, I learned new things. In this conference we learned how to respect others, their feelings and senses. I know about UPF before coming here, about Father Moon and Mother Moon… I will try to apply these teachings and go along this way. This seminar was so interesting. Sorry, I cannot sing or dance, but I could enjoy being here. Thanks you so much. Namaste.  – Mr. Shuk Bahadur Roka, Nepal

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