Albania: 15-Day National Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

The national center of workshop in Mullet for 15 days was the home for around 70 young people from Albania, Kosovo, South Korea and Japan. From 10 July until 25 July 2018 the national workshop took place which come about only once a year.

Coordinated by Mr. Ermir Hoxha and directed by the members of National Team: Mr. Juljan Bradasheshi Mrs. Elisjana Mustafaj and Mrs. Jesika Bako, from the first day the workshop started with a lot of energy. The first person who welcomed the participants was Rev. Shin the True Parents’ Special Envoy in Albania.

The purpose of the first week of workshop was the Divine Principle lectures, which were given carefully in a professional way by the Albanian lectures: Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, Mrs. Majlinda Ziko, Mrs. Anila Muçaj, Mrs. Enrida Bushi, Mr. Ardit Matraku, Mrs. Savjola Konja, Mr. Ajet Bosi, Mr. Gani Rroshi, Mr. Ermir Hoxha, Mr. Arjan Haziraj, Mrs. Marjeta Rroshi, Ms. Kasia Minollari.

During this workshop we had a lot of beautiful and special surprises. One of them was the visit of Rev. Ann who gave several lectures about True Parents and in the same time he gave some practical guidance to all the youngsters about the importance of being a true son and daughter. Another special guest was Mr. Giuseppe Cali who spoke about the life and work of True Parents, the role and the importance of True Children, and he shared some of his personal experiences. Another guest was Mrs. Galina, who also shared some of her personal experiences, which were very inspirational. For practically understanding the path of a blessed family, we had the pleasure to listen the experiences of Mrs. Suzana Rexhepi.

All the lectures, the experiences or the different inspirations couldn’t hold only in the lectures hall all those enthusiastic young people, that in those summer days choose to pass their time in this way. Their energy needed to get out, to explode, for that we planned the workshop in a way that would properly channel this energy. Challenges of oneself, teamwork, games, entertainment, fire camping, family nights, swimming pool or even projects like “Peace Designer” designed by GTGY, were some of the practical ways in which theoretical lessons could be applied in practice. In this way, the participants were able to experience how is it to live with God and the Principle during the daily life.


  • “…The lectures I received really helped me to understand better. My special experience was when I gave a lecture in front of everyone, that was very special for me because I spoke in front of the audience and because I challenged myself to do that. My feet started to shake and my heart was beating very quickly…”
  • “…During fundraising, I felt that Heavenly Parent was with me in every step I took. Last night we had a special session. Was a real and deep reflection with myself. The experience I want to achieve is to feel Heavenly Parent all the time. I really want to make proud Heavenly Parent and True Parents…”
  • “…At the beginning I set to myself many goals and now I think some of them I have fulfilled. I could understand better the lectures and some of them I felt deeply in me. I try to understand more God and True Parents. I’m happy to be here, because every day I feel like I’m becoming a better person by leaving according to True Parents’ teachings…”
  • “…For me, this workshop was the miracle I was waiting to happen in my life. In the moment they showed me the theme of workshop, something stirred my mind and soul. I came here with very clear goals, and that was the first time for me to make such a decision. In this workshop I’ve been working little by little every day and that, helped me to take a step toward the fulfillment of those goals. One of the most special and important moment was when I said: “ Yes I will fulfill the Vision 2020” because in that moment something hit my heart, maybe the feeling of determination and responsibility that I have to fulfill this vision for my country…”
  • “…I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I thought and I can have a good impact on people around me. I’ve learned how to be more grateful to nature, creation, challenges, people and True Parents. I’ve learned how to feel penitential when I make mistakes and set aside my ego. I learned how important is the study of Divine Principle. I learned how important is to listen to other people and how important is to learn the rules of communication. I learned how many people have suffered and still they can hold a bright smile in their face. I learned how to be stronger in ways other people can feel supported and have faith on me. I learned how to make proud Heavenly Parent and have to fulfill my responsibility without complaint. My goal from now on is to be a person who has absolute faith in Heavenly Parent to save and approach a lot of people to God…”

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