A Poem by Our FFWPU International President

A poem by FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon at the commemoration of the 6th Anniversary of the Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Sun Jin Nim wrote this poem in Hawaii a few days before the event, and read it during the Ascension Commemoration on August 27.


A Night Without A Day


When you passed

The world went dark

Not a flicker

Not a shadow

Nor spark of light could penetrate the mournful shroud cast by your farewell

In that moment a complete vacuum

Consumed all joy, love, laughter, family, hope, and peace

Only an endless abyss of loss in all our hearts remained


You were our Light

Our saving Grace

You, were our only True father

No one believed your flame could ever be extinguished and your earthly form gone from our sight

We had lost our true compass

And once again, like lost orphans, we cowered

Alone, afraid, and paralyzed in the dark

As your sacred legacy of light on earth receded

Our Holy Knight without the Light of day


Each night without a day blurred into eternal darkness

40 days turned into 3 years of endless somber gloom

Each bleak tortuous second drenched and saturated in tears

The family fractured under the immense weight of our heartbroken souls

The world divided, built walls, armed, locked and loaded ready for war

Unity, hope, harmony, faith, peace and true love,

Your precious teachings, became ghost concepts, simple fairy tales

The angels in heaven, God, creation and all life on earth drifted anchorless

Without you, our Captain at the helm


The cosmos and all creation ceaselessly wept and grieved

inundating the globe and consuming the earth with torrential cries

You were the true champion for all the voiceless

You enlightened us with the divine truth of all life, the Essence of God, our eternal spirit, the principles of creation, the Fall, salvation, true love, restoration, and completion

You gave us everything yet, bereft of you, we were incomplete

Just endless black upon shadowy black, obscure blue upon murky blue

An all-consuming brutal ocean without an end in sight


Then…Was it a dream? An illusion?

A glimpse of light,

like a lighthouse

a beacon of light guiding us safely home

Adjusting the eyes again in pure darkness

the light signaled once more

A gleam of angelic silky white and delicate cloth fluttered in the darkness,

Huddled up on the high mountain top, radiant and pure in her white hanbok


She lovingly cradled your bongnang won in her arms as she offered sincere prayers

The gentle glow of the candle she lit at your vigil flickered and danced

Each moment, in all consuming darkness, she stoically mothered, nurtured, and protected your precious flame

She was our first light of hope

She lovingly whispered to each of us, “Nah nuh pilo hae, I need your help.”

She then delicately tipped your flame and ignited the trembling wick of my candle

An illumination of eternal amber light cascaded down from the mountain top

With each spark the glow flickered, flared, billowed into a burning lantern of wisdom high in the hills, embracing the heavens and shining on earth

It signaled to our worldwide family, “Go! Share TPs light and love with all life and creation!”

In the pitch black of night like a super moon you lit up the cosmos

You bathed the world and heaven in divine light and truth and healed all our broken hearts


She sincerely shared, “We never lost our True Father; he forever lives on in here!” as she lovingly gestured to her heart and placed her hands on mine.

“Here”, she gathered our hands in union and drew my heart close to hers

“Here, in the depths of our hearts, True Father lives on, eternal unchanging absolute True Love!”

She grasped my hands with resolve and urgency

We must complete True Father’s dream here on earth.

We must never lose sight of Heavenly Parent’s dream.

We must realize one family under God.”

Where doubt had clouded my mind, the spark of her words lit a blaze of truth, and her hands in mine melted my burdened heart and inspired pure faith

She said, “You can do it. True Parents are with you.

Heavenly Parent is with you.”

It was then that our light shined, and I truly believed


True Mother you are my sunshine, my moonlight, my supernova, the light of the cosmos

Your love freed us from this curse of darkness and indemnity

Your unwavering heart of absolute Hyojeong love reveals the truth of Heavenly Parent’s dream on earth

You have awakened the divine truth and lit the spark of true liberation, grace, hope, True Love, and salvation for all 7.5 billion children on earth

You have paved the way for the three blessings to be realized in perfect harmony

You are our heroic pillar of truth, purity, absolute Faith, Love, Obedience, and the Word

You are the savior of all past, present, and future generations and protector of our glorious earth

Because of you the light of Hyojeong hope and love shines on creation and in our hearts

You never ceased to be victorious for Heavenly Parent and we shall all follow in your footsteps of victory!

True Parents, we are one with you!

Heavenly Parent, we are one with you!

This is Cheon Il Guk, when we are all one! Aju!


The night gently succumbed to daybreak almost like bowing to the morning sun

Releasing its hold on the eternal night that covered the globe

All things began to merge in harmony with the complete balance and symbiotic nature of the universe

From the eastern horizon she rose with the brilliance and power of the birth of the cosmos

The unbridled expansion of the light of Hyojeong illuminated the earth and liberated the heavens

As heaven’s only begotten daughter, she lit the spark of hope and true light all over the globe and has led our family home to Heavenly Parent’s heart

We are one family under god

True Father your dream is complete

Our true king and queen of peace on earth and in heaven are victorious

The Cheon Il Guk era has come.

Oulee neun dah hanah des sum nid da!

We pledge to eternally fan the flames of Hyojeong heart and light

Forever in True Love, True Life and True Lineage

We pledge in eternal love and gratitude to fulfill your dream of peace and bring Heavenly Parent’s victory!

Dah gatchi, minasan ishoni, All together as one family, Abogi, omoni kamsahamnida!, Salanghamnid

7 Responses

  1. Erinah says:

    Miss you too beloved TF. What a wonderful poem. Thank you dear True Elder Sister.

  2. john kennedy says:

    They are beautiful & refreshing sentiments. Thank you SunJin Nim.

  3. Daniele and Ken Cohen says:

    Melt my heart all the words expressed how so very grateful to God and Beloved True Mother both Ken and I are. Thank goodness Sun Jin Nim can articulate what we could not express, thank you.

  4. Seti Suafa says:

    Aju! A truly beautiful poem that sums up our common heart. True. True. Aju.

  5. Gladys Nyendwa says:

    Thank you. Am blessed by this poem.

  6. Gladys Nyendwa says:

    Thank you Sun Ji Nim.so touching. Am blessed by this poem.

  7. Gladys Nyendwa says:

    Thank you Sun Ji Nim.so touching.

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