Zambia: One Day IAPD Orientation Workshop for Committee Membership


by Fabrice Djimadoum, UPF Zambia

The Universal Peace Federation held a One Day Orientation Workshop for the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development Committee members. It was held on the 27th June 2018 the Peace Embassy building from 10:00 hours to 16:00 hours. More than 30 religious leaders from different faiths attended the workshop. The distinguished guest in the meeting was General Malimba Masheke who is the Chairman of the UPF Zambia had attended.

Before the opening of the Workshop a UPF introductory Video was shown followed by explanation on current affairs and UPF functions given by Rev. Rudolf Faerber, UPF Secretary General. In his explanation, he highlighted on the endeavors of religions during the course of history to foster Peace and salvation for humanity. He further emphasized on the Religions which were inspired by God to educate mankind the fall and as such after the fall. The common purpose for salvation. Religions need to unite compliment their efforts to fulfill their common goal. The United nations needs to embrace God and succeed. This is the founders’ vision.

The Workshop started with an opening prayer given by Father Peter Chanda from Married Priest. Followed by an introduction of some IAPD committee members present.

In his welcome remarks he told the religious leaders that we have an opportunity to contribute to the peace of our nation. He reminded them that they were carrying a huge responsibility upon their shoulders especially in helping the continent of Africa to become better.  General Masheke urged all participants to make a great impact by spreading the news of peace across the country. Finally, he ended his brief welcoming remarks by encouraging all to talk business and mean business during the workshop.

The welcome remarks was followed up by some remarks from the President of FFWPU Zambia Chapter, Rev. David Isaac Phiri, who welcomed all participants to feel at home. In his brief remarks he spoke about why some religious leaders feel tension in their hearts when they gather together with other religious leaders of other faiths. He reminded the audience that there is no development without peace in the nation or society. Therefore, we all have to learn to practice tolerance, understanding one another and also loving one another in order for religion to bring peace and development. He posed a question if God was really content with the way we normally relate to one another as religious leaders?

He said that all of us has a role to play wherever we are for the good earth God created in six days is no longer good when we look around. He ended up urging all participants to meditate on what makes sin in the communities to increase in spite of seeing many religious activities expanding in our nation. Therefore, we need to make a prime goal to establish a national model of how to fight the increment of sin.

During the workshop the Chairman of IAPD, Bishop David Masupa, announced Grand Mufti as the appointed General Secretary of IAPD. Ample time was used to reviewing of the proposed IAPD Constitution draft. All participants were allowed to air their views or give sound contribution pertaining to all the articles written in the constitution.  The final draft of the constitution was reached by unanimous consensus and will be ready to be tendered for registration.

UPF sponsored lunch and refreshment and at the end of the workshop the group photo was taken.

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