USA: Young Unificationist Finds Passion on Phoenixville Farm


Prepared by FFWPU USA

The Philadelphia Unificationist community strives to support and promote the passions and interests of youth and young adults. One such individual is Kyra Moyer, a 27 year old Unificationist born and raised in the Philadelphia community. Recently, Kyra moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia to pursue her passion for organic agriculture. Her story is below.

Kyra knew from a young age that she wanted to make a difference. Disturbed to learn that large scale monocropping had taken over the bulk of food production in America and around the world, she decided to make a stand to change things.

“Layers of precious topsoil are blown away every year and the nutrients are being depleted from our land,” says Kyra. “We are becoming more and more reliant on chemicals and genetically modified foods. We also rely heavily on food shipped in from foreign countries, of which we know very little. Way too many fossil fuels are used to transport food from halfway around the world to our local grocery stores. Supporting local, sustainably-grown food is a way that we can be more involved with the foods we eat and theimpact we have on the environment and conditions of foreign workers.”

Today, Kyra is working at Charlestown Farm in Phoenixville, which runs on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. The Charlestown Farm is a 20 acre property with owners dedicated to preserving the agricultural history of the area. Local families are encouraged to invest into the farm, which also sells its products at the local Phoenixville Farmers Market. 150 families benefit from this community program, venturing to the farm every week between June and November. Many families bring their children with them to pick their own hot pepper, berries, herbs, and flowers. By making it a family affair, children learn firsthand how food is grown.

As written in the Bible and Divine Principle, the third blessing that God gave to humanity was to have dominion over creation. Kyra is doing just that by taking care of the environment and supporting small-scale, local food producers.

Kyra is learning first hand what it takes to grow fresh, nutritious foods and is excited to take this

knowledge and spread it to others. She encourages Unificationists to take a trip to their local farmers’ market to chat with the men and women growing food right in their neighborhood. “Better yet,” says Kyra, “fill some flower pots with nutritious soil and plant your favorite fruits and vegetables right in your own backyard or on the deck!”

It’s clear that Kyra’s passion for her work is what drives her. As she explained, “God has so much to teach us through nature and by connecting to it we can keep our bodies healthy and ensure that the environment around us will remain clean and beautiful for generations to come.”

In the future, Kyra hopes to work with children and families to help them connect to the earth and learn to produce their own food or find clean, local sources of produce. If you would like to learn more about Kyra and her work, please contact her at

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