UK: The Role of Arts in Peace Building


Association of British Clergy

By June Darby, UPF UK (June 16, 2018)

With the inauguration of the Inter Religious Association for Peace and Development I thought that it would be appropriate to choose a topic connected to the development of peace. Prof Ian Hall spoke on The Role of Arts in Peace building. He spoke about how music can unite people of disparate views and backgrounds, and the need to have an activity that can engage people so that they can converse and discuss issues. His talk was very interesting and spirited as he shared humorous stories about his activities and the illustrious contacts he had made, like Kid I Annan and Keane Nkrumah.

Curiously his role at the U.N. to undermine Apartheid in South Africa was to ban music concerts from taking place.

But ultimately leave can’t come without God’s love touching people ‘s hearts. Peace begins with the individual and is developed in God centered families where the family members first discover their value and worth. It is the healing of families that can solve the problems of conflict and disaffected youths involved in violence.

We had 14 guests, with 2 New Ministers and one friend. Everyone was inspired and enjoyed the afternoon. I also want to express my appreciation to Rita O’Neill and Anne Kobayashi for organising the refreshments.

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