True Parent’s Special Luncheon with CARP-USA

True Mother spoke to 360 members of CARP US. on July 2, 2018, at the Hotel Chinzanso in Tokyo, Japan:

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Did you eat a delicious lunch? Did you also read some hookdokhwe to feed your soul? Which one was more delicious?

I said yesterday that Korea, Japan, and the United States should become the leaders of the global providence. They should become the protagonists of the heavenly providence. America was blessed with the mission to ensure a safe environment for the return of the Messiah to this fallen world. “I (the son of God) will return.” This is certain.

In the Last Days, if humans fail once again, will they find salvation or not? If this planet is destroyed, humanity will cease to exist as well.

I already said this yesterday, but the people involved in the 2,000-year history of Christianity did not understand Jesus’ true nature and the heavenly providence. How did communism – the ideology that proclaims God is dead, does not exist – arise out of the people who said they believed in God? God chose the United States to create the environment needed for the Second Coming of the Messiah. The U.S. emerged without a monarchy to lead them, but instead as a democratic country led by its people, its citizens. So, the U.S. should have made the correct foundation for the return of the Messiah, but instead family disruptions, social issues faced by the youth, hippies, and diseases ambushed the American society. Moreover, they were not aware that they were being threatened by communism. Because we are True Parents and understood Heaven’s providence, we came to the U.S. in 1972, because we knew that if we saved this country, we would save the world too.

In 1960, the providence of True Parents appeared. Only 10 years after our appearance, Korea needed us and was important, but the foundation in Korea was not strong. So why did we head to America? We sacrificed over 40 years there. It was to revive America and the world. But they did not welcome the returning Lord and wanted to chase us out. We invested an unimaginable amount of effort into America for the global providence.

Washington D.C. is also known as the world’s capital, and there was only one newspaper there – the Washington Post, but that newspaper was too leftist. Therefore, we poured a lot of financial investment into the creation of the Washington Times. Our influential power was growing too strong, so they said we didn’t turn in a few thousand dollars, and sent Father to prison. Does that make sense? However, as the True Parents, we established America as the eldest son. The eldest son!

Most of the CARP students here were born into American–Japanese blessed families. All of our members in the world sacrificed themselves to help revive America. Even Kodan is group of Japanese blessed wives, mostly from American–Japanese blessed couples. We thought that saving America would help save the world, so when we look individually at these Japanese wives, it must have been so difficult. First, they didn’t share the same language and culture, so it must have been very challenging to live in America. But they worked together with True Parents on the projects we led until the very end.

I am so proud of our 1st generation. You [second-generation members] should know this. During yesterday’s rally, a 1st generation member told me that I only complimented those in the 2nd and 3rd generation. This person came out during og mansei and said, “Please praise the 1st generation, too!” It’s not that I didn’t praise the 1stgeneration. It is because the 1st generation lived so well that the 2nd generation are growing to be strong, responsible people. I’m very grateful for this.

America is a country full of blessings from heaven and God. Blessed countries need to fulfill their responsibilities. Responsibilities! If those responsibilities cannot be fulfilled, they will require indemnity. Indemnity! Thankfully, I am still on earth and while I am still here, if you are able to fulfill your responsibilities, the indemnity will be spared. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is a free, peaceful world without indemnity. A world without indemnity! We are heading towards that world and working hard to become the protagonists in that world. That’s right.

Can you, 360 CARP members from America, remain firm in your resolutions? After Father’s Seonghwa ceremony, I promised that I would accomplish our Heavenly Parent’s dream and desire while I’m on earth. While I am still alive, you from Korea, Japan, and America – especially as the eldest son nation, should become loyal, filial sons or daughters in front of True Parents. You young people from America should go forth with conviction. Do you understand? From now on, there will be no failures and only success. There will only be victory.

What are you afraid of? There can only be miracles when you’re unified with the only begotten True Mother and True Father. I did not know this, but my voice is really soothing and pleasant. And I didn’t know this either, but I’m told that I have a million-watt smile. Then, should I show this smile to only you? All of you please grow up to be beautiful and strong for God. Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ dream and the wish of all humanity is to build a peaceful kingdom of heaven on earth by centering on God as one family. Can you see that happening? Or can’t you? If you can then shout, “Let’s run forward on that path!” “Let’s become CARP members at the frontline!”

To see the U.S. movement surpass Korea and Japan would be spectacular. Aren’t you proud of this? Can you believe in that? Good. Thank you and I adore you.

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