Switzerland: At a UN Conference

World Conference at the UN Religions, Creeds and Value Systems Joining forces to Enhance Equal Citizenship Rights Under the patronage of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan



By Chantal Komagata, UPF Switzerland

On June 24, 2018, I participated in the world conference at the UN with Noëmie and Mélanie. Natasha and Amira were there too. Astrid Stuckelberger had distributed flyers for it at our May 31st consultation. It was patronized by Prince El Hassan bin Talal of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. I send you here the link to the video of General Secretary of the UN, Antonio Guterrez, a picture with Astrid, the notes I took about the prince’s speech as well as a picture of my thanking him and explaining about UPF.

Many panelists spoke about one human family as well as the importance of faith-based organizations and religious leaders in the process of establishing peace and development.

During the NGO committee for FORB, I was able to share about the meeting of September 21st.

I do feel that things are changing at the UN giving more space for religion and spirituality. Also, God-loving people are somehow spiritually getting TPs’ vision of One Family under God!

Chantal https://www.facebook.com/the.gchragd/videos/615094392192188/


Notes from HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal:

Continuation of a creative process. Way to exploring the thinking of all of us. Responsibility to challenging conventional thinking about underlying causes for the loss of human dignity, marginalization… 100 million human lives suffer; migrants and wanderers are over 65 million. But that poverty doesn’t mean poverty of values. How

to join forces to deal with that? It’s sad to go to the ECOSOC in GE and NY, instead of joining voices in our own regions. Social global martial plan suggested. Security council is insecurity council because 300 billion dollars are spent in weapons to maintain security. Scientific and technological revolution forum in Amman shows new possibilities. Greatest issues affect us all and need to be looked at multilaterally. Black dots in the world, as zones of influence starting with Yemen, Irak… are they Arabs? Balkanization. Hatred has arrived because polarity causes wars and plurality is needed. Islamic tradition recognizes pluralism with interfaith conversations. Learning by analogy, secular or religious.

Framework: interdependence. Common goal. Promote an identity, which is synergetic and pluralistic. Emphasize the importance of shared citizenship. 4 pillars of the region: Arabs (17%), Kurds, Turks and Iraqis.

We need self-restraint and speak out! ZAKAD: humanity. Arab renaissance inherited from end of 19th century.

World seen in black and white, partly economic. Without reference to culture, political decisions cannot improve people’s lives. Jordan has doubled population as a host for many and for too long. If Palestinians cannot live in their country and Gaza, it’s a ghettoization: separation of people from their homeland and values.

Convergence of values and cultures. In Security Council, human dignity has to be at the center.

Water energy and human values: wage peace is less expensive but less

rewarding than waging war. OBM’s obstacle building measures instead of CBM’s.

Golbal compacts for migration and refugees made by UN need texts to secure education. Priority objective without discrimination. Fearless approach and speak out against chauvinistic nationalism

Reestablish the new humanitarian order founded in 1981 by Jordan to place humanitarian concerns in center

Broaden peace related to human welfare

Actively develop faith-based mechanisms and sponsor altruism, not just Islamic banking and economics. Communities of faith or no faith are necessary especially for youth.

Model lobby of faith must act for equal dignity and citizenship and bring life and hope for future generations.

Importance of dialogue between the principal ethnic groups: unceasingly stated that we are human beings before being of a different gender or religion.

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