Russia: The power of Peace Road 2018 – Story of Alexey Kostyuchenko

Prepared by UPF Russia

Alexey Kostyuchenko is 57 years old, 16 of which he spent in a nursing home for the elderly and disabled in the city of Volgograd. He lost his legs and hands as a result of frostbite due to alcoholic intoxication, but he repented and changed his way of life.

After that, he made several jumps with a parachute, climbed the mountains and sank to the seabed, wrote poetry and spoke motivational speeches before the disabled. Inspired by the example of handbayers, he became interested in this sport and when he learned about the Peace Road project, he got very inspired and he decided to run across

The meeting of Alexei Kostyuchenko with UPF representatives, first in the Red Square, and then at the Peace Embassy in Moscow. News channel “” conducted a live broadcast of the meeting in Red Square

Alexey travels only in the warm season, he spent the winter in Siberia. At a meeting at the Peace Embassy, Alexey received a diploma as the Ambassador of Peace.

In Nizhny Novgorod Alexey met with a mass bike ride, in which the mayor of the city took part as well.

In Birobidzhan city – the administrative center of the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia – Alexey and Ildus met together and there were organized few projects where Peace Road ideas were shared.

Center “MOST”, summer camp for gifted children “Good neighbors”: stormy, positive meeting and communication with the children of Birobidzhan.

Birobidzhan city, meeting in the Committee of Social Protection of the Population of the Government of the Jewish Autonomous Region

On July 13th, 2018 Alexey Kostyuchenko completed his single handbike-run Kaliningrad- Petersburg-Vladivostok. The final press conference happened in the press center of the Primorsky Territory administration together with the Department of Internal Policy of Russian Federation.

The meeting was attended by: the interregional public organization of the disabled “Ark”, the Department of Internal Policy of Primorye, Rotary club, the Universal Peace Federation, the Social Insurance Fund.

Alexey will be accommodated in the hostel of the Far Eastern Federal University campus on the basis of a contract for rendering services on a gratuitous basis, provided by the rectorate of the Federal University.

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