Russia: A Message of Love and Care

Cheon Il Guk Special International IW Dr. Lan Young Moon’s visit to Russia and Ukraine


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On July 6-18 CIG Special International Itinerary Worker Dr. Lan Young Moon is visiting Russia and Ukraine. She was specially dispatched by True Parents to Europe / Middle East region along with two other Special IW from Korea. She is very unique person in our movement who has been following True Parents from the age of 13 already for more than 60 years! In spite of her age she looks very young, bright, full of energy and love. She came with purpose to testify about True Parents and share their love to members.

During members’ meeting in Moscow on July 7 she spoke about her life which is naturally became a testimony about True Parents because her life is inseparable with True Parents. Many times she expressed deep love towards members.

On July 8 she gave Sunday Service in St. Petersburg and on the next day she met with participants of Kola Peninsula Summer Training program which consists of the 1st generation guests and elder Second Generation members.

On July 10-11 she visited Ekaterinburg where she had a meeting with members in a tent which local families call “Tabernacle”. During summer time it is good opportunity to have outdoor service while temperature is high. On July 11-12 after coming back to Moscow she visited Russian traditional dance show “Kostroma” and then had sightseeing. Then already next day she departed to Ukraine.

On July 14-15 Ukrainian church had All-Ukrainian members meeting with Dr. Moon with altogether 120 members. Dr. Moon shared her precious life story that went along with True Parents’ course. The meeting ended with Sunday Service where Dr. Moon shared about North and South Korea unification projects.

On July 15 Ukrainian leaders showed some part of their foundation for Dr. Moon: workshop center (Hoon Hwa Won), New Hope Farm.

On July 16 Dr. Moon had brief meeting with long-term WFWP-Ukraine partner – Ukrainian Foundation of culture. After that Dr. Moon visited Kiev Witnessing center and spoke in front of about 20 young members and elder Second generation. Then in the evening Blessed wives meeting took place where Dr. Moon could testify about her experiences with True Parents and answer wive’s questions.

During these three days Dr. Moon always was having meals with members, talking to them, explaining more deeply about True Parents’ life, value of Korean language and culture.

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