Romania: CARP Talk – Share Your Inspiration


Prepared by CARP Romania

We are almost at the end of our JeonDo activities for this semester, before the summer, and we can feel how much we were guided all this time to meet young people that have a pure heart and are curious to discover something new for their life. We really tried to spread True Parents’ words through our activities and show a different standard and more hope for our guests.

On June 22, 2018 we had our last Open HoonDokHae event for this semester and we decided to do something different, more special. The title of this meeting was “CARP Talk” and we challenged few CARP members to practice their abilities of public speaking; they had to choose a topic and prepare a speech of 7-10 minutes and inspire the participants through their life experiences and wisdom gained through their life of faith.

We had five speakers, two Romanian, two Koreans and one from England. The subjects that they choose were quite similar, about self-identity, personal development, and the courage to challenge ourselves and accept each opportunity to grow that comes in our life with an open heart. After each presentation we also had a five minutes time for questions and answers, time in which the participants could ask questions about the presented topic.

It was a great experience for everybody, we could learn many things from each other and we were reminded how much we should treasure our life and aim to grow little by little every day.

We are very grateful for the Europe STF team and the Korean Sun Moon University students that could also participate and helped us to organize this event and create such a friendly and loving atmosphere. We were members from so many countries with different cultures backgrounds, but all of us brought together by our True Parents. We are happy that we could show this example of one family under Heavenly Parents and True Parents.


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