“Prayer for Revival” 2018 Hyojeong Culture and Peace Festival in Okayama


By Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters

Sunday July 22, 2018 – Okayama, Japan


Today, Sun Jin Nim was representing True Mother in Okayama, the region of Japan worst affected by the recent floods.

The following report is offered by the International HQ in the hope that it will be a helpful overview of the program, but the video of the full content of the event will likely be available later. We are including True Mother’s speech here but it is not necessarily the final translation; please consult with Mother’s secretariat if you wish to publish or post quotes.

After introducing many dignitaries from the Japanese Diet and from various city councils, the young MCs (one man and one woman) asked everyone to stand and offer a silent prayer for the victims of the recent flooding and their families, remembering their immeasurable grief and pain.

Then came a video of the history of Okayama region with mention of many luminaries who had lived selfless lives in the service of their fellow citizens. The message was “Let’s inherit from those who came before us.”

A beautiful traditional dance from the region lifted the atmosphere still more for the Okayama Peace Declaration, which brought 7 dignitaries to the stage representing all participants present. The content of the declaration was read aloud:

We will cherish our families and neighbors.

We will be devoted to our ancestors.

We will love our children and bring them up properly.

We will live for the sake of others and build a peaceful world.

The printed declaration was then signed by all seven dignitaries.


After a lively Korean song written specially for the event, entitled “Arirang for One Korea” two members of our younger generation gave testimony:

A lovely second generation girl, Yuwa Yamakawa, came out, and began by explaining that her father is Korean and her mother Japanese.

“Sometimes Japanese people do not think so well of Korea and vice versa. But my Father is Korean my mother is Japanese.  I never thought of them as enemies. There are no national borders in their marriage. They went out as missionaries for ten years and lived for the sake of others. I believe the friendship between Korea and Japan could be a model for world peace. I have had a real experience of world peace with my parents.

The Korea-Japan tunnel as a symbol of peace. World Peace can be started with small steps: we can start by taking down the borders around our hearts.”


A young man, Fukunobu Kadowaki, also from our second generation, followed. He had come to a deep realization about the value of the Principle during his high school years.

“During high school I realized I wanted to live for the sake of others. I determined to enter the University of Tokyo; as someone who wants to be a leader to make the world better, I needed to study in such a place. At first I was way below the standard but I was so determined to make the grade. Finally, I was accepted. I want to make Japan the center of the work for world peace. I want to build a family filled with happiness.

My mother raised me alone after my father died when I was in middle school. Others told me how much my father had helped them. [Reading a letter he had written to his parents:] I am reminded that I am here because my parents made effort. Thank you, Father and Mother; I feel I have been so loved. I am grateful to you for this happy life. I have one thing to ask my mother; please stay healthy so you can be here for your grandchildren. It would be great to have a family spanning three generations. And Dad, please help us from the spirit world.”

Young people from Okayama then performed song and dance for the audience including a piece called “The Light of Hyeojeong.” A reporting prayer was followed by Japan FFWPU president Rev. Tokuno Eiji’s welcoming remarks.

He offered words in condolence for those who had suffered the flood disaster there in Western Japan. As the head of FFWPU, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon offered encouragement for the victims, and donated 20 million yen through the Red Cross, plus a further 10 million yen for the FFWPU to use in their relief efforts.

Rev. Tokuno mentioned that as soon as our International President Sun Jin Moon heard about the flooding in Japan she offered messages of consolation and encouragement. He continued:

“We are a global organization, and we received donations from Europe and Korea. Our event title includes the words ‘Prayer for Revival,’ to create an opportunity for construction and revival in this homeland of Okayama. I sincerely pray that Okayama will be rebuilt in a short period of time and that today’s event will be trigger of rapid reconstruction. The internal theme of today’s rally is ‘World peace starts from true families.’ Yet Japanese society is in an unhappy state. The ministry of health, labor and welfare states that in one year 50 children lose their lives to child abuse. That is one per week. Moreover, marriage and divorce statistics show that one in three marriages end in divorce. Our national police agency says that in 2017, half of all murders in Japan were committed within families.

The family is to be an oasis of rest and peace. And yet it has become an epicenter of stress, misery, and even incidents of violence. The bonds of love are disappearing. Should we not be creating original true families of love? Today’s theme is therefore a warning about the serious situation we find here in our country.

We hope that we can offer hope to solve the tragedies in families today. I hope you can find hope in the speeches being given today. I would like to express my appreciation to you all for coming to this Okayama rally for 10,000 people.”


One representative member of the Japanese Diet from Okayama. Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, then spoke:

“I would like to congratulate you. So many people here, filling this hall. I feel your spirit. It must be a new record for attendance!

We had a silent prayer: two weeks ago, many Okayama prefecture people suffered from the flooding. Thank you for supporting the recovery. I am a representative of Okayama Prefecture in the house of representatives, and thus I appreciate your support. Mrs. Moon has given so much support. Thank you so much!”

Mr. Aisawa continued on to explain the long years of work the government had put in to develop the Japanese political system since the end of World War II, his concern for the still unsolved problems of the world, and his work for refugees in relation to the UN.

Following a video presentation of True Parents’ global work, the MCs introduced FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon, explaining that True Mother had asked her to come and deliver a message on her behalf.

Sun Jin Nim began her speech on the verge of tears, and delivered a moving personal message:

“Minasan konichiwa (Good Afternoon, everyone).

Dear Beloved brothers and sisters of Japan, gathered here today in Okayama. No words can express my sorrowful heart that deeply grieves for all the people who have lost their lives and those suffering tremendous loss from the recent catastrophic storm.

I was devastated to hear and see all the heartbreaking news of anguish and travail of families lost and struggling to recover their community and their homes. In the face of such tragedy what moved me the most were the people of Japan and the first responders who rushed immediately, selflessly and lovingly to assist those in need. There is hope for the future of Japan, because you understand what it means to live for the sake of others and practice true love.

Unfortunately, the tragic events we have witnessed here are occurring more and more all over the world, and many people still have not been cared for and are left to suffer. We must start to ask why? We must work bring an end to such suffering, not only in Japan but all over the world.

Humanity and creation are suffering due to the effects of climate change and the destruction of our planet. Humanity has lost touch with its true conscience. Ignorance and self-centeredness are widespread. We are endangering many of our animal and plant species, polluting our air, our oceans, and our earth. Each year we experience a new record-breaking tragedy and millions are left struggling to survive.

We are not meant to live in a world darkened by suffering, war, loss, and destruction. We were meant to live in peace, love, joy, and harmony as One Family under God. We were to live in balance, gratitude, practicing good stewardship for all the abundant gifts we have received from God and creation.

A world without a connection to God is a world that is orphaned, unable to experience true love, true life and true lineage.

Only when we reconnect and follow the true compass of our conscience can we make a change and live in harmony for the good and the well-being of all life on this planet.

That is why I would like to ask that we all gather our hearts, mind, and souls to make that divine connection to our Heavenly Parent and begin this event with a moment of silent prayer, a reverent prayer for the peace of all the souls that were lost and also a sincere prayer for the light of hope to shine on Heavenly Japan, reigning in a new era of global peace, and realizing Heavenly Parents dream of one peace-loving global Family under God. Let us all together offer our heartfelt prayers to Heavenly Parent for the salvation of the world. Aju.  [Silent prayer, with Sun Jin Nim clearly moved]

As I stand before my Japanese brothers and sisters, I always feel humbled and deeply grateful. I know that in so many ways, you are a central pillar of our worldwide movement. Your generosity, sacrifice, sincere true love, absolute faith and dedication are unparalleled, and unsurpassed.

You are all heavenly champions. In so many ways, I look up to you as my elders, my teachers, my heroes and True saints. You have cleared a path for so many to follow. I offer my eternal love and humbly bow to you and your great nation. [Sun Jin Nim offers a bow.]

For this reason, our True Parents have the deepest love and respect for our members in Japan and can call you their true sons and daughters.

Thank you All.  Kamsamnida.  Arigato gozaimas!


Sun Jin Nim then continued to introduce True Mother’s speech:

“I have been asked by our beloved True Mother to deliver her precious words on this occasion, during this year of the 60th anniversary of the inauguration of the Japanese movement. I feel an awesome sense of responsibility, and I am unworthy to represent our True Mother. However, I will do my very best.

Brothers and sisters, I will now read the True Mother’s message. Knowing our True Mother’s love and her heartfelt care and concern for each one of you, I ask that you give your full and sincere attention. These are precious words of our True Mother.  She is absolutely one in heart and purpose with our True Father, working to fulfill Heavenly Parent’s dream.

I will now read our True Mother’s message:    


True Mother’s Message:

Distinguished guests from home and abroad, leaders from all levels of society, parliamentarians representing the political realm, peace ambassadors, blessed families and members who have gathered for “2018 Hyojeong Culture and Peace Festival in Okayama with a Prayerful Wish for Recovery”!  I am pleased to meet you today.

Today’s world is afflicted with countless complex problems and the limitations of human power to solve such problems is becoming evident.

The Japanese people have endured many difficulties and tragedies during their long history. I know that very recently many areas of Okayama Prefecture were devastated by floods that took the lives of more than 200 of your fellow citizens.

I would like to extend heartfelt words of encouragement to the people of Japan, in particular the citizens and blessed family members in Western Japan who have suffered from the recent torrential rains. I pray for the quick recovery and relief of all citizens in the afflicted areas.

Heavenly Parent loves Japan and is always with Japan. I pray for Japan, and I am certain that Heavenly Parent will greatly bless this nation.

I am sure the people of Okayama will rise to meet this challenge, just as you have met and overcome challenges in the past. Heavenly Parent and True Parents are always with you. You are the Mother Nation and you set the standard for the world. The world needs to imitate your standard of attendance.

Words cannot describe the suffering caused by human ignorance that is afflicting today’s world. Due to excessive pollution, the future of humanity and even the future of this planet earth cannot be guaranteed.

This is why we must find the focal point that can unite all of humanity. In today’s world, if one nation does well but the surrounding nations do not, eventually, everyone will suffer the consequences.

When can we usher in the peaceful world of freedom that humanity yearns for? There is only one answer to this question. A world of peace cannot be accomplished centering on human beings.

God, the Creator and Owner of the universe is the only true Owner. It is only when humanity properly understands the true Owner and lives according to the Owner’s will that a peaceful world is possible.

In the beginning, God created heaven and earth in accordance with His External Form. God created the plant and animal worlds and then created a man and woman to be the first human ancestors. God also gave human beings a period of growth.

Their responsibility was to beautifully grow and mature until they could receive God’s Blessing. However, during their growth, the first ancestors became possessed with self-centeredness, which led to their fall and the birth of fallen humanity with no relationship to God today.

God, who is omniscient and omnipotent, must fulfill the Will that He established, without fail. This is why God has had no choice but to lead the miserable and painful providence to save humanity—known as the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity.

God initiated this providence by raising the people of Israel as the chosen people. Beginning from individuals and raising the people until they could form a nation, God has led the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity. Christians are familiar with this history through the Bible.

Thinking about the difficulty and the long, prolonged period of time spent waiting, it took an extraordinary 4,000 years until God could send His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. It took 4,000 years!

However, neither Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, nor the Jewish leaders or even the people of Israel could fully understand God. They did not understand the essence of Jesus, and Jesus eventually had to walk the miserable path of the cross. As a result, the people of Israel have had to pay tremendous indemnity throughout history. This is a historical fact.

As he lay on the cross, Jesus prophesied that he would come again. Had the Israelites united with Jesus at that time, and had Jesus achieved the position of the True Parent, then the Kingdom of Heaven would have been realized through the Roman Empire, centering on Jesus. How sad and regrettable that this plan could not be realized!

Following Jesus’ crucifixion, Christianity emerged through the Pentecost of the Holy Spirit and the work of the Apostles. Christianity expanded from the Italian peninsula to the European continent until it reached the British Isles. Centering on England, the nations that were part of the Christian cultural realm opened the era of the Atlantic Civilization. The British Empire expanded throughout the world and became so vast that the sun did not set on the Empire.

However, what was the outcome? They also did not understand the essence of Jesus. Instead of living for the sake of others and practicing true love like Jesus did, they lived self-centered lives and focused on serving the interests of the empire. Eventually, the Atlantic Civilization became a civilization of plunderers.

Heaven does not carry out a second providential dispensation with people or nations that have failed in their responsibility. Jesus, who failed to find his bride, prophesied that he would come again to host the Holy Wedding of the Lamb. Hence, the 2,000-year history of the Christian cultural realm must become the foundation for the Only Begotten Daughter to be born and for the Holy Wedding of the Lamb to be held.

Heaven prepared this dispensation for 2,000 years through the Korean Peninsula in Asia. As a result, the only begotten daughter was born in 1943. [Aju!]

In 1945, Korea was liberated and together with its liberation was divided into the democratic South and the communist North. At that time, my hometown was in present-day North Korea and numerous spiritual groups believed that the returning Messiah would come to Pyongyang.

My family did not think of fleeing to the South. However, a sudden message came that my maternal uncle, who had gone to study in Japan, had not returned home but had instead enlisted in the South Korean military. As a result, my grandmother, my mother and I traveled south.

I mentioned before that in accordance with the Principle of Creation, God gave human beings a period of growth. The only begotten daughter, who came after 2,000 years, could not lead the providence as an infant. It was necessary for her to grow in safety. That is why Heaven worked to protect me by having me come to South Korea.

Two years after I came to South Korea, the Korean War erupted. At that time, South Korea was not well enough prepared to defend itself from a North Korean invasion. It was also not a nation known around the world. However, how was it possible that 16 nations sent their young people as UN troops to make the ultimate sacrifice in Korea? Heaven needed to grant me the necessary period of growth and had to protect me until I became an adult.

Because we knew the propitious providential time, we made a firm determination and in 1960, we ascended to the position of the True Parents. Even if they profess exemplary faith, fallen human beings cannot directly engage with God as His children. It is only by changing the fallen lineage that fallen humanity can be restored as God’s children and the people who carry out this dispensation are the True Parents. This is why the Family Federation must profoundly sing the praises of the ideal of the Blessing and blessed families.

The more we share the Blessing, the greater it becomes. That is why True Parents asked all blessed families to become heavenly tribal messiahs. When tribal messiahs successfully expand throughout the nation and the world, we can realize a world of peace, one family under the Heavenly Parent, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that humanity has yearned for so desperately.

My message today has a title: The Settlement Point in Heaven’s Providence from the Point of View of the History of Human Civilization.

When was this point of settlement? I think I just spoke about it. Hence, what should we do today? A world of peace cannot be realized with just one individual or one nation doing well. We must all do well together.

It is the same with the issue of North-South reunification in Korea. As long as reunification is attempted centering on people, complete reunification will remain a wish. This is because everyone places his or her interests first. When self-centered thought takes precedence, as it does now, it is impossible to see the whole. The answer to this issue solely lies in attending Heavenly Parent, the original Owner and Creator, beginning with the family, the tribe, the nation, and then the world.

The Asian Pacific Rim Civilization will realize the transformation and revolution of culture into the hyojeong culture of the heart: On the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, I sent the Little Angels to thank and comfort the war veterans from the 16 nations. They still vividly remember Korea and they are in love with Korea. As you can see, sincerity moves the heart. If one receives grace, one must return grace.

I wish to tell Japan, in order for us to unite as one, recognize your past mistakes and, mindful of your mistakes, let us join hands together and work for the sake of a better future.

From a human point of view, this people cannot be forgiven. However, taking the point of view of Heaven’s providence, True Parents blessed this nation to be the Eve nation, the Mother Nation that lives for the sake of the world. This characteristic of mothers is that they do not look after themselves; mothers sacrifice everything willingly for the sake of their children.

That is why centering on the three representative global nations of Korea, Japan and the United States, we have ushered in the era of the Pacific Rim Civilization. Our 2nd and 3rd generations are proudly holding aloft the banner of the transformation of culture into the culture of Hyojeong, going throughout the world and achieving victories.

We are educating youth from all over the world to cultivate the hyojeong culture of heart.

Due to self-centeredness and egoism, the world does not know the preciousness of the family. In other words, there is no future. However, Family Federation preciously values the family. Our hope for the future are our 2nd and 3rd generations and they are following in their parents’ footsteps, standing up as warriors of Cheon Il Guk who will realize the dream of Heavenly Parent by living for the sake of the world. They are our hope.

The earth today is ailing. Countless people are concerned about the earth’s future. Unimaginably strange and dismal events are happening throughout the world. These calamities have been caused by human ignorance. We cannot be satisfied with living in the present and simply watch idly as these catastrophes happen. In order to solve these problems and heal the earth, I am mobilizing scientists who are Nobel laureates and am having them research ways of solving the problems we are currently facing to create a hopeful future by protecting the earth, so that it may be beautiful and healthy the way God originally created it. [Aju! Thank you Mother!]

A long time ago, True Parents advocated for the International Peace Highway as a way of uniting the world. And at this moment, we are moving in the direction of realizing this project. Island nations yearn for the continent. That is why I wish to realize the International Peace Highway by first linking Japan and Korea through the Korea-Japan undersea tunnel, then uniting Korea through a peninsular highway, thereafter expanding to Eurasia and the world.

The African continent has announced that it would begin this project from the Cape of Good Hope. An International Highway that begins in Santiago in Chile, crosses all of Latin America and North America, connects with the Asian continent, and finally reaches Korea is also being advocated.

Hence, from this point of view, Japan must unite with Korea. When this nation becomes the Heavenly Japan that attends Heavenly Parent and fulfills its mission as the Heavenly Mother Nation of Japan that embraces the world, all the nations of the world, standing in the position of children, will revere it as the parent. That day will come. Aju!

The politicians of today must recognize the mistakes of the past. In so doing, let us all march together into the future toward a greater objective.

I pray that this day may be the day when Family Federation, the Universal Peace Federation, Youth and Students for Peace, the Women’s Federation and all organizations march forward and leap forward for the sake of peace.

Can we do it?! Aju!

Sun Jin Nim’s concluding remarks:

“Brothers and sisters this concludes our beloved True Mother’s message. Thank for your steadfast love and support, and sacrificial attendance to our True Parents. We love you forever and always. Please give one more round of applause, so loud that True Mother will hear you from Cheon Jeong Gung!!!

Go-say-cho, Arigato-gozaimashita. (Thank you very much for listening.)

Minasan, aishitemasu. (I love you all.)”


In the finale, In Sup Nim was welcomed to the stage and one couple, Mr. and Mrs. Goya, from Okayama presented flowers. Sun Jin nim then officially presented True Mother’s donation to the Family Federation to help relieve suffering in the Okayama area.

Three cheers of Eok Mansei were then led by Rev. Kim Man-jin, event Executive Committee director. He mentioned the difficult moment for Okayama, but that we have received the words by which we can achieve world peace. “Let’s do this!”

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