Solomon Islands: Oceania Leadership Conference

Prepared by FFWPU / UPF Oceania

Dr Robert S Kittel, International President of YSP together with Rev Shang Seon Park, Oceania Regional Director and Rev Gregory Stone, UPF Oceania Secretary General traveled around Oceania to educate leaders of our region about True Parents’ Vision.

On July 13, 2018, we had hold our leadership conference in Honiara Hotel, Honiara, Solomon Islands with the theme “Providing Vision and Leadership for Nation Building”. We had 49 participants which included Chief Russell Poloso, Paramount Chief Duddley Inomae and Director of the Ministry for Agriculture and Livestock Noel Roposi and Pastor Geoffrey Alacky a Spiritual Advisor to the Prime Minister and mostly Religious leaders and, women leaders and youth leaders.

The welcoming address and introduction was given by the Oceania Regional Director Rev Shang Seon Park and follow by opening prayer by elder Casper of the central Catholic church in Honiara.

After that, Dr Kittel gave his presentation with a bold statement that the conference will be a precious one they never attend in their entire life. He used a very unique style of presentation by quoting the constitution of some of the Island Nations that state clearly that their nation is founded on Christian Principles and he used that to challenge the leaders that attend the OLC and also clearly explain the Christian Principles.

That really inspired all the guests. The presentation on True Parents Peace Initiatives opens their minds and most of them cried when they listen to Dr Kittel lectured about Jesus Life and explain that he came to marry. Many express that truly the conference was the most precious one indeed.

The participants really love the content of the presentation and some asked for the power point from Dr Kittel. During the reflection time religious leader and women leader stood up and said this is the solution and they even ask Dr Kittel to work together with them to develop such materials into a curriculum so that they can teach it in schools. Some said that this kind of presentation is the right ones for the members of parliament.

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