Norway: Peace Road 2018


by Steinar Murud, UPF Norway

Eighteen cyclists from Fjellfoten Cycle Club participated in the Norwegian PEACE ROAD that took place on Sunday the 24th June. The event started outside the Town Hall in Nes Municipality where they received encouraging words and wishes for a good trip by the local Mayor. With the Peace Road logo on their back the cyclists started their journey, accompanied by shouts of good trip from our staff and guests. The local newspaper covered the start.

The group cycled through 4 municipalities until they reached the destination at the border between Norway and Sweden. At this border crossing there is a Peace Park, marking the long lasting peaceful relations between Norway and Sweden. This park also contains a Korean built pagoda with a peace bell, donated by Hwacheon City in Korea.

Centered around this pagoda a program for peace were held. The cyclists entered to warm applause; a choir of children sang for peace; the UPF leader gave an update on the background and purpose of the PEACE ROAD; the cyclists were introduced and shared some words and shared their experience; the local mayor welcomed both the PEACE ROAD and the cycle club; and finally, a Korean PHD.stipendiat gave words of thanks, closing with «kamsahamnida».

To conclude the event, the peace bell rang three times, for peace in Korea and the world. Around 50-60 people attended the event, however thousands will read  about the program as it was also covered by the local newspaper. Various local businesses had sponsored food and other necessities. Even heaven seemed to be on our side as the weather was absolutely perfect, in contrast to the days and weeks before.

The celebration ended with coffee and refreshments.

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