Nepal: Graduation for the 2nd batch of 120 Day Tong Il Moo-Do

Prepared by TIMD Nepal

July 17 2018, as the wind blows in the Pacific Rim, the 2nd batch of 120 Day Tong Il Moo-Do has ended with the 130 high school and college level students participated in the said program and endure the 4 months training; 21 Day Divine Principle seminar, 7-day witnessing including social activities, 14 days of fundraising and 78 days of Tong Il Moo-Do technique and training.

The ceremony was graces by the international delegates; Regional Group Chair of Asia Pacific, Dr. Chung Sik Yong and the UPF Vice Chair, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, President-UPF Asia Pacific, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Vice President of FFWPU-Central Asia, Rev. Yoon Chanwook, Chairman-UPF Philippines, Rev. Julius Malicdem, International President-YSP, Dr. Robert Kittel, Tong Il Moo-Do Nepal President, Mr. Santosh kumar Paudel, and Chief of Sports and the representative of National Sports Council, Khul Bahadur Thapa and Former MP’s and Ambassador For Peace witness graduation ceremony.

A goose-bump to the guest who witness the spectacular and incredible demonstration of the TIMD players during the ceremony that gained a standing ovation in the crowd. The sophisticated and meticulous performance of the players inspire and attract the guest and beg for more.

The president of Higher Institutions and Secondary Association Nepal, Mr. Narindra Bahadur Adhikari in his own words:

I have known hundredths of martial arts club and they demonstrate the technique properly; however, one thing I saw a very unique in your performance is “self-discipline” disciplinary act is very unusual to the martial artist. I, therefore, and declare in front of you now, that; My door is open-wide for you to teach my students and schools under my supervision and offering  you a privilege of scholarship”

International guest was delighted and energized when they witness the fire burning spirit of Tong Il Moo-Do players.

The deep understanding to the Divine Principle and realization of the players is a life changing; three hundred sixty degree. Made a pledge and commitment to fully serve God and rue Parents in their life time and to the last breathe; receiving blessing from True Parents is their priority goal and purity before marriage is there life and death commitment.

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, Founder and International president of World Tong Il Moo-Do Federation along with the Asia and Oceania Continental President, Dr. Venus Agustin and Mr. Takamitsu Hoshiko was a head of time to witness the 2nd Batch of 120 Day Tong Il Moo-DO belt promotion to the qualified TIMD practitioner to receive the higher belt of responsibility.

Mr. Adonis Arcillas, International Instructor from Philippine and Mr. Tej Bahadur Singh handled the 2nd Batch of 120 Day Martial arts Training under the supervision of the National training center Director Mr. Rupsingh Bandhari

The graduates are now empowered and prepared to dispatch to their mission area to teach martial arts and for witnessing for the upcoming third batch to be launched. And others are to send on the international Martial Training for the qualification of being international instructor in the neighboring countries of Asia Pacific.

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