Lithuania: Pioneering through Serving the Community


By Andrius Jurkunas, CARP Lithuania

From June 11th till June 16th Carp-Lithuania team spent a great week in Panevezys city. Inspired by True Mother’s Vienna Peace Starts with Me festival we want to spread a movement of living for the sake of others with true love, starting with people whom we already know and who know True Parents. There is a solid foundation of peace ambassadors and society leaders in Panevezys, built through multiple UPF events and especially through True Parents’ world tours of 2015 and 2016. Thanks to our elder couple Vladimir and Jurate Khokholskiy, who have maintained and nurtured an unchanging long-term heartistic relationship with these people, we were warmly welcomed by them and a new development started.

Our service activity included helping to clean up food storage of a charity organization, cleaning windows for elderly people and picking garbage at the public beach. We were also invited to a conference under the title ‘Panevezys is open for volunteer service’, that happened to be held that same week, just at the right time. We could meet wonderful people of this city, who live for the sake of others by serving their community and society and listen about their activity. We were also asked to introduce ourselves and what we are doing.

Organizer of the conference (city municipality official) and attendees were very happy to hear about our week long activity in their city and we made some new good contacts. They were especially happy to hear that we would be coming back!

We could feel that heavenly fortune is coming to Panevezys! The greatest sign of it was that as we served the community and shared our hearts with people, we received even more in return from them. There was a great give and receive circle of true love. And we felt that it is only the beginning that is ready to expand further. Now we have to build onto that so that a movement of living for the sake of others with true eventually becomes the dominant culture which engulfs the city.

As we served people, they started asking questions of who are we, what is our organization doing, etc. This was the starting point of witnessing about True Parents. Our main host Mrs. Audrone Kuprioniene, head of charity organization ‘Atjauta’ introduced us to her student daughter and asked us to take care of her. We became good friends. We could see that serving the community is also good witnessing to young people. This is a starting point for youth movement in the city.

We are going to continue as our plan is to have monthly week-long activity and eventually have our center opened in Panevezys.

Thank you, True Parents for letting us know that ‘Peace Starts with Me’!

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