Solomon Islands: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Solomon Island

Dr Robert S Kittel/ International President of YSP together with Rev Shang Seon Park, Oceania Regional Director and Rev Gregory Stone, UPF Oceania Secretary General travel to Solomon Islands for educating leaders of our region about True Parents’ Vision which included the blessing of marriage by True Parents.

We had 27 couples who received the blessing including the Three main leaders that attend the OLC and four others came the next day with their spouses for the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival. AMONG THE PARTICIPANTS WE ALSO HAD Chief Russell Poloso and Wife Emily, Paramount Chief Duddley Inomae and wife and Director of the Ministry for Agriculture and Livestock Noel Roposi and Wife Rose Religious leaders and wives, and couples from HTM provincial group especially the Lauru Province HTM Group led by Masuaku and Bage Family.

There were 17 couples (husband and wife present) and 10 couples (partner in the spirit world). After the blessing festival the two chiefs’ couples and 8 other couples reported to start the 40 days separation period.

Chief Russell Poloso couple testifies that they have special feeling when they drink the Holy Juice.

Few days later chief Poloso then invite Rev Shang Seon Park and Rev Gregory Stone for a dinner and create a connection with Rev Gregory Stone families in Australia and his tribe in Lauru Province. Chief Poloso pledge to complete his separate period and work together with other blessed families who are connected to him and especially Rev Gregory Stone to start Heavenly Tribal Messiah in his tribal group. This is a very significant connection between Australia Blessed Family that connects to Solomon Islands by spiritual lineage.

This time is the first time ever the blessed families and young members take responsibility to invite couples for the interfaith peace blessing festival this big after the last one when True Mother and Hyun Jinim visit Solomon Islands in 2006, 12 years ago during True Mother’s Speaking Tour with true child.

After the event members felt so much hope that we can do a much bigger festival than this.

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